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  1. I'm quite disappointed that this thread isn't about a weird hat...
  2. Can't wait for Oct 7. I'm wrapping up my thesis now so I haven't been able to watch pre-season games, but there is no way I'm missing the season opener on the 7th and the home opener on the weekend. I am going to miss island beer when I move to the Kelowna this weekend. I like having a beer or two and a frozen pizza on game nights. I love that we're playing Calgary this start to season. It's revenge time. 151 is not beer but it's not not beer.
  3. No, it is not.
  4. The light shall burn you!
  5. I upvoted every post in this thread which had an up arrow to click. Seemed to be every post but my own. That siad, I really hope the Canucks do well this season and forevermore.
  6. I like the Canucks more than my thesis though :/
  7. I need to work on my thesis real bad
  8. I hepled this guy on StackOverflow even though I'm drinking and can only thnk about the Canucks! I"M SOOOOO ECITXED FOR THE SEAON TO START!
  9. Do you guys remember Mr. Magoo? He's apparently from 1949l, but then how come I can remember him and I am only born in 1991"? Prbably nto a real thing. I hope this is still on topic for Canucks?!
  10. GO CANUCKS GO! amiright?
  11. I live in a world full of technology where my wife can sleep and I can listen to my games on my phone through my bluetooth headphones without disturbing her. If only the Canucks would win the cup or the President's Trophy again.! Cheers!vPaulprot
  12. I just tried to get here by typing "ca", but Google thought I wanted to go to amazon.CA . NO! I want Canucks! GO CANUCKS GO!
  13. Where is everyone? Aren't there more people who will always be Canucks fans?
  14. Okay, I concede. I don't think we'll win the President's Trophy this year, but it will still be fun to watch us try!