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  1. I'm a huge Ducks fan and I agree that they didn't deserve to win. Throughout the game you could just tell they didnt have it and were pressing. DAT had a pretty awful game and made a huge mistake on the big Mariota run trying to race his QB to the endzone instead of blocking. Barner and Mariota were no where near their best. Very similar to the Lions in that they couldnt win 1st down which set up long 2nd and 3rd downs which they couldnt convert. But the unpredictable nature is what makes College football so exciting. Every game matters and it's why it's played on the field and not on paper. SEC needed 2 of the top 3 to lose to get back in the picture and that all happened in 1 week so who knows what will happen next week.
  2. Gonna need help from UCLA too. Stanford holds the tie breaker against the Ducks so UCLA has to win next week in order for the Ducks to play in the Pac-12 championship against the Bruins. The thing is that if the Ducks don't make the Rose bowl they're most likely going to play K State in the Fiesta Bowl. Funny how things could work out since their home and home earlier in the season was cancelled.
  3. Thread needs more Sedins, Aliens meme.
  4. Yeah definitely. 84 is probably the fastest route to and from UBC. It's the one I always take if I ever need to travel down that way or need to take the skytrain. Only 30 minutes end to end and fairly empty.
  5. A huge problem is that you have multiple high schools along the UBC bus routes. There are at least 4 high schools and Langara on the 49 route and about 6 high schools on the 41. Once you get past all the high schools its pretty clear riding. Getting on the bus is the biggest problem. You just kind of have to time your buses so that you guarantee yourself to get on. My parents drop me off at Langara on their way to dropping my brothers off to school so I always get a seat on the bus.
  6. A GM put Chara on the trade block and is looking for wingers. Its a H2H league with 2 points for G and A and .5 for +/-. I have Yandle, Lidstrom, Streit, Giordano as the 4 starters with McBain (gonna drop for Kesler to come off IR) as my bench. Should I trade Lupul and maybe even add Ennis (I could pick up Johansson) for Chara?
  7. Yup. Saw a lightning flash and the thunder sound was immediately after it. Idk how close it was but it mustve been really close to where I am.