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  1. I’m in a similar position I do have Clamato though no whiskey or eggs it’ll have to be cereal and a mikes hard that’s been in the fridge forever
  2. Good day today found the god damb cricket that was in my house las night and petty and the boys won gonna sleep good tonight the 7 beers may help as well
  3. Phones are ringing off the hook in JBs office asking what’s the price for little thing Louie and stech
  4. Refs will be working on a way to create a extended 5 on 3 during the intermission for the pens
  5. Switching hands doesn’t count sorry bud I couldn’t resist
  6. I just threw all my wife’s hats over the balcony i tried to explain brock had a Hatty I guess I’ll have to make my own Breakfast tomorrow.