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  1. Kinda mean sorry quinn but on behalf of us old school I’ll go with “baby Huey”
  2. Sorry Ben but I guess you weren’t paying attention when you were out the games don’t matter now
  3. You smell that ref that’s what a $&!#ty call smells like
  4. What are the lames and Johnny hockey gona do when big teams like preds,jets,sharks, etc. Start slamming them all over the ice.
  5. Dim jim’s Press conference will go kinda like this: ya I met with loui this morning basically told him there’s offer for a contract renewal with a little extra money included just waiting to hear back if he’s willing to accept
  6. As trader Jim calls down to the bench “hey travy send Loui up to my office when you’re done” loui walks in “hey loui I’ve got a contract extension for ya with a little extra cash for good measure wadda ya say”
  7. If we’re part of the team shouldn’t we have a contract and they owe us a arena full of money we should be getting paid retroactive back to 2006 when the announcement was made