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  1. Weise for captain and to replace the Sedins in the lineup. He can carry the whole team. All of our wins are directly because of him. He can replace Luongo too since he can be a forward and a goalie at the same time. Sestito is pretty close to his skill so our new first line should be Sestito - Weise - Alberts.
  2. Good job Gillis with Santorelli and Richardson.

    Although MG obviously did well with these pick ups, I believe it is Torts that allowed them to excel.
  3. Official NHL 14 Thread

    Hey guys, I loved NHL 13 for a while, but I became so sick of the contract system for HUT. Seemed like it would cost 60 contracts to get 40 back. I was always having to dish out my own money or playing just for contracts. After a few months and hundreds of games under my belt my thumbs were tired and I didn't have a single player in my collection that didn't have all their contract used up. So I stopped playing around christmas last year and sold my NHL 13. Did they fix this? If they did, great I will give it a go, but if not they can go screw themselves because I have no interest in having to spend $50 a month in packs to keep my top players out for online play again.
  4. [Signing] Leafs sign Mason Raymond

    I have always been a MayRay fan. I thought he was always judged too harshly, and for 1 million, Toronto got one hell of a spin-o-rama

    AV is gone now so getting one goal and then going on holiday is no longer our game plan.
  6. (Game) Either or

    Penner that &%#$ Phaneuf or Regehr
  7. Goal Song

    I thought it was awesome! I see the general concensus around Canucks fans is that they love it and want it to stay! Thanks DJ Dave
  8. Jannik Hansen

    LOL at the 2011 assessment on Hansen
  9. (Game) Either or

    Slifverberg of course B Gaunce or C Gaunce
  10. nucks tatt

    From the album randoms

    My Canucks tattoo
  11. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Sim City 5 is the game that is sucking away my soul at the moment.
  12. (Game) Either or

    Ott Schroeder or Lapierre?
  13. memesestito

    From the album randoms

  14. Jason Garrison so far?

    lol you won't be happy even if he was our number 1 goal scorer. By the way he is tied for 8th on our team for goals scored. He is tied for 4th for +/-. But his moneyball numbers suck.
  15. Jason Garrison so far?

    Hey relax! We got Tanev and Ballard, they got this guys. Garrison has been one of our bottom 4 defensemen in terms of skill as of late, but then again so have Edler and Bieksa and Hamhuis, so I think he is right on track for his salary. Now Tanev for $900,000, thats a freaking good deal.