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  1. Thank God hockey is back and the Canucks are kicking ass. Feels good
  2. Maybe I don't see why we need to rush Bo into a leadership roll. Let him develop. He will likely be our captain one day but for now let's see him push 60 points.
  3. I approve. Honestly anyone who thinks Burrows doesn't deserve the A hasn't been a canucks fan very long. Believe it or not the Canucks were in the nhl before 2011 and Burrows was one of the most exciting players to watch. He fought harder then any other Canuck many nights and he never gave up. Bo is awesome but he hasn't earned the A over Burrows.
  4. Used to play league alot but nowadays I just seem to gravitate towards other games. I also was entertained by the reports lately though. MLG is actually becoming entertaining.
  5. Can u start selling Year 3 Gjallahorn early, pls?

    1. Xbox


      Yo I pre-ordered ROI on PSN today. Iron Gjally 

    2. Xur


      I have decided to sell plan c this weekend. Make sure you buy some 3 of coins from me as well.


    3. Qwags


      Let me down again, Xur.

  6. I would expect nothing less. Congrats boys.
  7. Kuzma's interview with Benning. http://theprovince.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/canucks-still-have-question-marks-on-left-wing Highlights include: “I’m going to keep having conversations to see if we can improve in the age group we’re talking about with our younger players,” said Benning. “Nothing has come up so far that has made sense.” “I believe Sven is ready to take that next step,” said Benning. “He’s 195 pounds now. He feels he’s fast and has the speed and strength to play in the top six. But if something make sense, I’m going to look into it.” On Rodin: “I talked to him (Thursday) and the plan all along was to be ready for camp,” said Benning. “But with the injury it’s a day-to-day thing. He has been skating for about a week and he doesn’t feel it (injury), but with his training he needs to keep adding the muscle to that leg. It was a severe injury. The surgery went well and we think and hope he’ll be ready for the start of camp.” Kuzma also speculates on Evander Kane but has no quotes on it so essentially no new info concerning that trade.
  8. this 100%
  9. Wary vs. weary To be wary is (1) to be on guard against something, or (2) to be watchful or cautious. Weary means physically or mentally fatigued. It’s a synonym of tired.
  10. I agree that we should question our laws and government as often as we can, and I am glad you do so. However in cases involving sexual assault, you need to tread carefully as the last thing we should do is make women feel guilty or ashamed for being a victim. As for the intoxicated debate, I have been extremely intoxicated hundreds of times in my life and never have I assaulted a woman so I don't buy that as a defense for one second. Sexual assaults are treated very seriously and they only would have convicted him if there was no doubt he commited such an act. The courts know the effects a conviction such as this will have on someones life and will only hand out this punishment if they are certain he is guilty. Less then 50% of sexual assault trials lead to conviction.
  11. I know no one wants to hear this but the hockey news is reporting that the Canucks are the only team in on Kane. He is our most likely acquisition. Don't shoot me i am just the messenger. Can't post links as I am on my pos tab.