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  1. Alright I'm home. I had great lower bowl seats. Here is what I saw. 1) the sedins struggled but Sven fought hard even though he was out of position a lot he shot first and it paid off. 2) Bo Horvat was amazing. I don't care what anyone says or thinks he is one of the best players I have ever seen. 3) troy Stecher may be our best player. He is always in the right spot and made passes I didn't think were humanly possible. My mouth is dry from being open so long when he was on the ice. He was always ready for the one timer. He was the only Canuck ready to let loose all night. 4) edler made some solid plays but he did not stand out as deserving the a. Tanev was not impressive either. I love both these guys but they were mediocre at best. Sbisa was awesome and had a cross rink pass that had everyone on their feet. 5)Miller is a great goalie
  2. It looks like I have an extra row 19 lower bowl seat ticket. It's a single but I will let it go well below value if your interested.
  3. Tyson's built like a tank and comes from hockey pedigree. His dad Lenny trained him for the NHL since the day he was born. However he is shorter and has small reach. No one thought he would even make the NHL. His hockey iq is off the charts and his compete level is unparallelled. That's why he gets the big bucks. Stecher reminds me alot of Tyson. They can't pull the big guys off the puck but they are rarely caught out of position and never give up.
  4. This thread cost me all my upvotes.
  5. I also got lower bowl tickets for this game. 6 seats for $400 a month ago thanks stubhub. The team is picking it up we are going to win 4-1. Even though Tyson Barrie is my relative. (I still don't have a signed jersey from him)
  6. If we could play every period like we did that first period I would think it was 2011
  7. Really? I don't know if it rampant corruption or incompetence. Either way the NHL needs new management.
  8. I trust Benning will be calling and negotiating for these guys. If he can make a deal that betters our team he will do it. If the price is too high he won't. Of course landeskog and duchene are great players and I want them but I want Horvat and our future first round picks more.
  9. 1-0 kings. Vancouver actually scores 3 times but they are all disallowed and at least 1 Canuck gets intentionally hit to the head but there is no suspension let alone a penalty. Henrik says something cliché after the game in an interview and someone with atrocious grammar makes an awful topic on cdc.
  10. I looked for cheap last minute tickets but the cheapest seat is $60 in the no booze nose bleeds. At least I got rink side for Colorado on the 2Nd. I hope it's a gud game tonight.
  11. I'm sorry you are so miserable. I know the holidays can be tough for some people. You obviously seem like a passionate person. I hope you can take all this energy you have and apply it to something worthwhile like all the atrocities our federal, provincial and municipal governments commit.
  12. I'm having alot of fun this season. I'm entertained and I am enjoying watch our youth step up. I am a canucks fan through good or bad and I am more then willing to be patient as the team transitions to a new squad. I have tickets for the Colorado game and I'm looking at buying a Horvat jersey on boxing day. Is that rose coloured glasses? I just think I bleed green and blue.