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  1. Lay off the goldobin hate. He is young, finding his game. Think how much pressure there is on him to score. I expect his defense game will come when he starts to score. The kid is good. Have faith.
  2. Look at petterssons puck control. Amazing!
  3. And another non call surprise surprise
  4. Canucks look tired. Playing dump and chase
  5. Me too! It's hilarious they have done nothing but talk about him the whole game
  6. 2 high sticks and the refs called one. Not bad. I expected no call knowing refs
  7. {GDT} Canucks VS Avalanche (Injury bug version)

    Stecher is looking good all of a sudden
  8. (GDT) Nucks VS Pens in the Burg

    Take that letang