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  1. It's a good night. LA and Boston lose. Cancuks looking awesome
  2. Exactly! I'm genuinely pumped for them. I have to justify my hate for the Kings outweighs the dislike of the Flames.
  3. Hudler!!!! Go flames!!! Haha things I never thought I'd say!
  4. Johnny is on tonight. He's playing a hell of a game already
  5. Would have been a riot if that was a no goal. The crowd is just pumped.
  6. Way to go flames
  7. I get the game on 145 on shaw. No blackout. It however is only in standard definition. That being said, Calgary is all over the Kings. They look hungry
  8. Thanks jets. Kept it to 1 points only
  9. It's become trendy to blame bieksa. He hasn't been great but also far from the only issue lately
  10. And you sir have nailed it.
  11. My god the LA crowd is so much rowdier. Having one after the other really drives home the whole Rogers arena being dead point
  12. Saturday just ain't our night is it?
  13. And it's done.
  14. Instagramming the game takes priority. Duh.