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  1. I need to see a replay because I missed it live.
  2. The Sedin's were great this series, I don't care what anyone says. They didn't lose because of the Sedin's. I just don't get why Hansen was continually trotted out there with the Sedins with our 30 goal scorer looking on from the bench. Even once we were down a goal there was 4 mins left. The Sedin's went and set up camp like they always do and they needed the trigger man Vrbata. Vrbata is the goal scorer they went out and bought. Vrbata was stuck down on a line where offence died. Higgins and Bonino have ZERO VISION OR PLAYMAKING ABILITY. Higgins was worthless in this series and especially this game. WHY WILLY WHY!!??
  3. Can somebody please help me. I need clips of Edlers big hits. Apparently he nailed Bennet and Gaudreau? Also any clip of Engeland getting his face nailed?
  4. PS his backhand is sick. Might be my favourite skill of his.
  5. Liked him before. Like him even more now. The kid is a force. Opposing players bounce off him. Even incidental contact seems vicious when he gives it out. How often do you find a kid that strong, with a shot that good, who also happens to be the fastest skater in the rink? Excited for this kid
  6. This is true. Need more from Daniel. More GOALS. Hesitant since concussion. Still getting open and making some plays but not nearly as quick on it and the shot is putrid. This guy won the NHL sharpshooter skills comp just a few years ago! Four laser shots to four corners. Snipe it!!
  7. He means 180 flip from Doucheville to Respectville
  8. Love that backhand of yours Jake. I hope the new shoulder lets you fling that puck in a Canucks jersey for years to come. Great pick. I'm behind you 100% and I wish you the absolute best. You seem like bright tough kid with lots of talent. Welcome to the Canucks Jake. PS I Hope you don't mind being unfairly lambasted and personally attacked online by hundreds of faceless anonymous losers every day of the rest of your life. I would say you would probably get this no matter what team you played for in the NHL, but in Vancouver, they just do it with a certain ultimate ignorance and pure enmity. I'm sorry Jake for what the idiots will say. It just comes with the territory here.
  9. Sharp has peaked. His best days are behind him. Great player no doubt, but NOT what this organization needs. I would trade Sharp RIGHT AWAY while his value is still very high for shiny prospects and/or high draft picks.
  10. Go Fluery Implosion!
  11. It sounds plausible to you especially if it's true? Suggestion: Stick to words that you know the meaning of. Anyway, cool theory. Any evidence or sources? I know another theory: The earth is flat.
  12. Excellent sir. I wholeheartedly agree and endorse this post. Slow clap. I wonder though. Do you think it would have been wiser (haha wiser get it?) to wait and let the new GM pull the trigger?
  13. I didn't like John Tortorella being here as head coach. I wanted him fired. But now that he's gone I kind of wish it wasn't done until the new GM could come in and make a decision. I see how Linden wants to give the incumbent GM a "clean slate." But shouldn't the decision to fire the head coach be the GM's? What does this say about how decisions are made in the Canucks headquarters? Was this Aquilini's final purge of all things Gillis? Was this Lindens call? The new GM may wonder just how much autonomy he really has. What if the new GM is brought in and the head coach he really wants behind the bench happens to be John Tortorella? Ha! Wouldn't that be ironic! You can't bring him back now, so that's one coach off the list. How much autonomy does the new GM really have? And how much will Linden and Aquilinni want to be involved in the next hire or trade or signing? I'm glad Torts is gone. He was unprofessional, and no organization needs that. At this point the Canucks ESPECIALLY do not need unprofessional behaviour. I'm not sure this firing was done the right way though. I would have hired the new GM, told him he could do whatever he wanted. Let the new GM fire Torts as his first order of business and show the whole organization who is calling the personnel shots.
  14. I Guarantee if Montreal gets through this series Boston will make sure they are in no shape to hoist the mug. Boston tried to "out hockey" the Habs today and it didn't work. Next game they will trot out the physical play, dirty hits, cheap shots, after whistle shenanigans, running Price and head games. I doubt they care as much about the win in game two as much as they want to set a punishing tone. It will pay dividends and the series will go 7. Heart says Habs. Gut says Bruins. Puke.
  15. Torts' fire got Torts fired.