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  1. You can spend your time understand Liberty well. None of my business. Some people like to talk freedom , but they force their ideology upon someone else. I recommend you travel the world a bit, don't be frog at the bottom of the well. hahahaha.
  2. we don't even have the freedom to choose our own car insurance company. What makes us qualify to criticise other country's democracy. To me their are 2 kinds of democracy. Useful one and useless one. Having freedom of speech to bad mouth Trudreau is a useless kind of democracy. Having freedom to chose a auto insurance company a useful kind of democracy. When selling your property or stock not having to pay capital gain tax is a useful kind of democracy. Have a lot of choice when calling a cab is useful kind of democracy. I disagree with a lot of things Chinese government does, but you understand they can pick their auto insurance company , and there is no capital gains in China right? The useful democracy saves your money, the useless democracy waste your time. People are too dumb to be mislead by mainstream media. Everybody should have their own opinion.
  3. Hong Kong Students are brainwashed by the British. China students are brainwashed by the CCP. How other people waste their time is none of mine business.
  4. Watch the GM trade Garnier for a 2nd rounder on trade deadline.
  5. It would be fun to see cop pull over self driving cars. "Sir please put down your windsheild, God damn it, why are you not yielding to ambulence. I want to give you a ticket for speeding and not yielding to police." Self driving car says: " please call 1 800 complain" Cop:" I need back up. We need to block off Main and Terminal. A self driving vehicle is trying to leave without my permission"
  6. What you said is so true, too many whiner in this world. All people do is complain, they hope the government can solve problems for them. good luck.
  7. Ken Holland really believes he is a bust. Otherwise Edmonton would never let him play in Finland.
  8. It would be funny when this thread goes to page 300 ,Ericsson is still a Canuck.
  9. Loui is going to finish his career in Vancouver , and walk out of airport like a true winner.
  10. Hongkong has no future. Those people should immigrate to England or Canada.
  11. You are not the only one who think JB has done just fine. I think JB has done just fine as well. The ownership probably thinks JB has done just fine as well. Not great just fine enough to keep his job for now.