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  1. jimmyking8888

    [Speculation] Blackhawks interested in Sam Gagner

    I'd trade Gagner to Chicago for one year of Costco 's membership card.
  2. jimmyking8888

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Florida Panthers | Oct. 13, 2018

    Tonight is a sad night for all Canucks Fans, Hopefully EP40 can return healthy soon.
  3. jimmyking8888

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Florida Panthers | Oct. 13, 2018

    Tonight's win is a loss. I still can't believe the muscles didn't do sh**. You get paid to fight , do your job okay?
  4. This game does not feel like a win at all. This is a one game in regular season they could have sent a message. Last year Boeser got hit by Lewis, nobody did anything either.
  5. jimmyking8888

    Enough with the trade Virtanen talk!

    Virtanen scored 10 goals playing with garbage linemates and with limited ice time last year. Play him with Petterson , he will score more than 15 this year.
  6. jimmyking8888

    ESPN rates Canucks forwards...

    28,29,30,31 what difference it is make?
  7. The top line: Baertschi Horvat Boesser They can all score The Fast Line: Goldobin Petterson Virtanen They can all skate The Boring Line: Granlund Sutter Erickson This line will not get scored on easily and will not score easily. Most of nights will put home crowd and opponent crowd to sleep. The Grit Line: Rousell Beagle Schaller Rough them up
  8. jimmyking8888

    Waivers: who gets claimed?

    Not likely other teams are interested in players that can't even make the Canucks's roster. Nobody will get claimed.
  9. jimmyking8888

    [Signing] Canucks re-sign Jake Virtanen

    Very good deal for the Canucks. Jake deserves more ice time this year. Double the ice time ,double the goals.
  10. jimmyking8888

    What ufa's should we go after?

    Nobody. Canucks have the most 3rd line players in the league.
  11. Top teams in the league are good at buy low and sell high. Doesn't surprise me.
  12. Of course Pittsburgh wants to trade him. Get some value out of a aging star is better than keep on to a declining asset.
  13. jimmyking8888

    How should CDC handle fake news about players?

    Ask Trump which is the biggest fake news media. Fake news will always be part of the media.
  14. Exactly , there are plenty of decent 3rd liners centers in the league . If someone give you decent value for Sutter , you take it. Personally I don't see any upside for him.
  15. Management needs to go to RBC for investment training. Any good GMs in the league knows how to buy low and sell high. I don't think Sutter's value can get any higher. There are plenty of good 3rd liner centers. What is the point of investing, when you don't cash out.