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  1. The fact is no other team is interested in the Sedins. Jim Benning might as well just say the right things from a organization stand point. The most ugliest girl in school telling everybody she has a boyfriend already. Who cares. Your neighbor has a run down house , but he likes to tell everyone his house is not for sale. Who cares. Sedins are stuck here for one more year, we get it. Canucks do have four lines right? Play the kids , develop the kids. The stocks of the kids can only go up . The saying rookies has to earn their minutes is garbage. How much does rookie make? How about the Veterans that makes big money and don't produce.
  2. Old and Slow is not a good combination.
  3. [Retirement] Mike Fisher of the Predators

    Great move for Fisher. Leaving NHL on a high note. Some players does not want to wait until he is old and slow to retire . Some don't care what other thinks, they just want to make an extra dollar.
  4. Canucks have absolutely no star power!!!

    There is no shame having no star power. However it is stupid to pay star money to non-star players. Good teams concentrate on the stars first. Secondary players can be filled with cheap money. Average teams probably only have one star. They over spend on the secondary players, hope they can be good. Bad teams pays non-star players star money. They over value their own players and spend more than they should on everybody. The result tells the story. When you look at how teams spend their money, Nashville is the best ran team in the NHL. Calgary, Florida and Vancouver are the worst. Carolina and Arizona not in the worst managed category ,because they never spent up to the cap.
  5. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign Patrick Marleau

    Good move for San Jose, keep the young, get rid of the old. I think Toronto is making a huge mistake signing a 39 year old.
  6. Let's be realistic, with or without Miller they won't make the playoffs next year. I don't see the benefit of signing Miller here. The logical move is to start Markstrom, use Demko as the backup next year. Money saved from not signing Miller can be useful two years from now.
  7. Burrows spear on Reilly, acceptable?

    Doesn't matter if it was cowardly or non cowardly, A lesson had to be taught . A message had to be sent out not only to Toronto but to the league, star players can't be touched. I mean what do the Canucks have to lose this year? This is a perfect year for them to sent out messages.
  8. Burrows spear on Reilly, acceptable?

    Burrows did what he had to do. I don't see anything wrong with Burrows. When other team is playing low, you go lower. I did have a problem with Refs jumping in fights before it's done.
  9. Moves we want management to make

    I would want JB Trade all veterans for draft picks. All the veterans can prove their worth on some other teams. Let the young guns play and develop.
  10. WD should send Sedins to a all inclusive resort for a week 。 With all you can eat and play. That might rejuvenate the twins.
  11. The way they are playing now, Vegas bookies will not be offering betting under for any of Canucks future games. Easy money.
  12. Lack of Speed, no finisher. They are doing what the experts are predicting they are doing. At least we will get a top end prospect next year.
  13. When will management realize

    The management hands are tied, too late to think about trading the Sedins. They won't get much value back, also it will be bad for the publicity. I think Linden and Benning knows which path this team has to go through to become elite again.