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  1. Superstars are superstars because they can't be shut down. Balanced scoring can be shut down with balanced defense. No team in the league right now would give up their one superstar for balance scoring. To me , the answer is easy. A superstar is the engine in the car, you probably need a pair of them to win the cup. Other piece are like tires in the car, easy to replace , easy to find in the market place. A monster engine, you can only get through the draft.
  2. I know he is not the slowest player.
  3. It is funny how bottom feeder teams always compound their mistake by making more mistake. While good teams make good deals after another. Arizona should be playing and developing their young kids. Now they just wasted a roster spot, their GM really think they can make the playoffs?
  4. How many teams in the NHL do not have one superstar? That will be Benning's move.
  5. They want to get rid of him for a reason. Personally I think he is got too much off ice issues to create a distraction to the team. The logic is if he is that hot of commodity ,why wouldn't other team pursue him? No thanks from Canucks.
  6. If Burrows scores more than 10 goals, they can move him at the deadline for a 3rd rounder.
  7. Are there any players that Canucks are not interested in, I would like to know.
  8. Probably Phoenix or Columbus. Edmonton likes young guns.
  9. Please no more slow people, ROGERS Area is not a nursing home.
  10. I can't stand Salo, he is so slow on the ice, I had to time him with a calendar. Juolevi is a much better skater. His responsiveness also better than Salo. Salo had a powerful shot , Juolevi's shot might have better accuracy than Salo.
  11. If I were Las Vegas I wouldn't waste time on this team. I am sure JB would be ecstatic to see someone looking at our garage sale.
  12. He is a decent player , however the stats showing he is going a downtrend line. Who ever sign him would get 10-15 goals at the most. I think Las Vegas is a good destination for him..
  13. Not a impact player, couldn't careless.
  14. I am sorry. The garage sale is closed, all left goods need to go to the trash can. Don't return them to the recyling depot, nobody would give a dime for them.
  15. Miller was a bad decision by JB. Now JB is afraid to trade him, because that would mean he made bad a decision. I don't see Miller getting moved.