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  1. HELLO and GO CANUCKS!!!!

  2. Go Canucks from South of the border!

    Love it!! Where in Cali????? Hoping like heck they rap it up tonight.......Only 9 more wins!!!
  3. Go Canucks from South of the border!

    Okay, so here I sit....Monday AM, and completely giddy out of my mind, knowing the our beloved Canucks are up 3-0 against the Hawks. It is so frusturating for me being a true Nucklehead south of the border. Hard to share the excitement that many of you are talking about over the water cooler today.........I can't help but to think of some of your "workday" discussions up there..... But, here I sit, a wife who dosen't like or love the game (and the sad thing is she is Canuck by birth), a son....who tolerates it....but who lives eats and dies football, hoop, and baseball.....and 2 daughters...1 who golfs (loves it when the Nucks get bumped, so I then can hit the links) and 1 who is a track star......So as you can see, nobody even here to share the joy that I feel.....Worse even, I get to work and nobody cares or the typical "that's not a real sport" answer from the "guys." So here I sit dejected and ALONE, so I turn to the boards and I thought I would write about this run to the Stanley Cup from an everyday Americans point of view. I am going to do my best to keep up everyday, but please forgive if I don't. So to all of you diehards out there......I am not a bandwagon fan, I am a diehard, ever since the run in '82.....I LOVE CANUCK HOCKEY! and I do BELIEVE...that WE ARE ALL CANUCKS, EVEN IF THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE DOSEN'T STATE THAT I AM!!!!!! Hoping to have my daughter wait a little longer than normal before we hit the links this year!!!! An American Canuck!!!!!