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  1. Yeah but even though everyone hates on the Wii now, it was actually really fun when it first came out. It seemed really cool with all the motion sensors and wii sports things. Then SSBB....that ate up hours of gameplay. After Brawl there just weren't any good games anymore. I mean, I don't regret buying a Wii, its just it kinda died now.
  2. This seems like the exact gameplay from the DS. The only difference is that its one bigger screen and now they finally implement the 360 sticks. I'm pretty disappointed that Nintendo could only come up with this
  3. How are you so good at this game?! holy
  4. This should help
  5. Well, if you already have the enchanting 100, smithing 100, which is highly recommended, then you should have lots of gold to work with. With the gold, buy all the ingredients at alchemy vendors and try to make the strongest potions by combining random ingredients. Quality over quantity. Don't make too many sucky potions to fill your inventory, it'll just waste ingredients and space. Try to go for strong potions that cost at least 400 gold. The best combo is wheat+giants toe. After all that potion making, you should have tons of potions to sell. Train your alchemy skill with some like Arcadia, and then sell all the potions you just made to get your money back. Slap on the thief stone, and if you have a home nearby, sleep for like 1 hour. The Thief stone give 20% faster improvement and the sleeping is an extra 10% for 8 hours in game. A good way to make alchemy vendors restock is to either wait 24 hours, or save the game, kill the vendor, and then load the game. Hope this helped, this is what I did.
  6. oh. haha i get it now
  7. Calling Jokinen a joke I assume
  8. pms00 on youtube probably makes the best skyrim guides out there. As of now I have one a one handed mace that goes up to 500 damage per swing if I equip all my fortify 1H equipment.
  9. speaking of which, does anyone here remember shawnrocker?
  10. Okay so I started the Cod series with BO, pretty recent, and just borrowed MW2 from a friend. I hated playing against the Commando perk so i decided that I'd use because if you can't beat them, join them. Now my other friend keeps calling me cheap because I use that perk. Is it considered one of those D-bag perks like second chance is in BO? Just wondering if I should still use it or not....
  11. Could the NTC come back to haunt us the way it did with Lu? I'm guessing not, and hoping not.... 2012 is our year...sigh* how many years have i said this for...
  12. Thats not actually what he said, but what he meant, lol
  13. I can't believe how during the middle of the regular season, we were all frustrated with bieksa, even me, and then all of a sudden we love him so much haha. Next up....Aaron Rome?!?! There's always hope
  14. thank you for bumping the thread. when i made my cdc account it would only be a matter of time before i give clutch a minus.