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  1. Movie was based in Washington, filmed in Mexico, with an Icelandic whale. Nice try there. Long live the Orca! Nothing to do with BC i know you’re trying to be funny, but... meh...
  2. It’s a brutal entrance for sure. Why play something that sounds like a dude having an asthma attack?
  3. The leafs are so desperate for cap space they gave up a 1st to get rid of Marleau. I dont think theres much hope for them to sign Barrie, this is a rental. home run for the Avs who have Bowen byram to grow into the Tyson Barrie role. Avs were never going to bring him back. Kadri is a pest player that they could hang onto for a while. Leafs future isn’t looking too good right now....
  4. He did not play more than 10 games in his first year, because of that he is not eligible for arbitration and he can not be offersheeted.
  5. No eligible to get offer sheeted. We’re sitting pretty. For now...
  6. Hard to get good west coast coverage... i used to write for a blog called wet coast sports... thinking about starting up again. wont be a channel but it could be something?
  7. This signing is definitely worthy of a “Good news everyone!” Myers can take the minutes, if he can take pressure off of edler and Tanev, they may get through the year decently healthy, this signing elevates the entire d-core just a little bit. we you take a look at the numbers when Tanev and edler are both healthy, our team can actually perform at a playoff pace. If our young guys take another step this year. Markstrom and Demko do what they do, this team can make the play-offs. hard working team, with more stability on the back end... going to be a fun year regardless!
  8. Baring any other trades and FA signings i think we will look like this Miller-EP40-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Baertschi Leivo-sutter-Virtanen Gaudette-Beagle-motte granlund Roussell (in the mainline up when healthy, swap with motte) our of the players we currently have, this would probably be the best lineup we could ice. A healthy sutter with two quick straightlined wingers would be very good at shutting down and be able to get the odd goal here and there. Decent forward group but this seems like an “IF” line up though, IF Virtanen takes another step, IF sutter stays healthy, IF gaudette can start adding more to the team, IF baertschi can stay healthy... if those dont work out... if will be hard to score goals again, but we will at least be competitive. It really is decent though, not bad. If we can find some other pieces and shed maybe sutter, move gaudette into the middle on the third i think we could graduate from decent to good. It’s all about the D group though. How well can the D men move and distribute the puck? How many Pouliot type gaffs happen that get us hemmed in our own zone? which forwards being back and how we will look is a fun exercise but its all about that D-core this year. If Benning can pulling something decent off we could actually be good this year!
  9. We pretty much have the Same team from last year at this point so no, no we wont.
  10. Not even comparable. I am plenty faithful when it comes to the team but sometimes you have to be realistic. blues were a Stanley cup contender underachieving with a VERY good roster. We are a terrible team with a couple really good young players. not comparable.
  11. Realistically this is a hindsight trade, it all depends how things shake out and if were able to gain any picks back for players we have, just looks really bad giving up a first. This is a team striving to improve from bad to a mediocre team. If we were trying to get mediocre to good, I’d be all on board... but we are still a bad team.
  12. This is a Brandon Sutter-like trade. you give up assets for a player pushed down the lineup on a deep team and hope he can shoulder a bigger load.. sutter was a 3rd line center in Pittsburgh and benning hoped he could be more. He didnt become more, lost essentially all his trade value and looks like a waste. Hopefully miller can actually fill the role we got him for.