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  1. Jackal? JACKAL!?!?! Abso-freaking-lutely loved that game.
  2. Retire Sedins, unretire bure and naslund fixed.
  3. Can we have our accounts linked to Facebook or something? There needs to be more accountability with posts. We don't need trolls running around looking for food.
  4. Makes another thread after getting locked. That's a paddlin'.
  5. The three crowns line? SHL ? Swedish hockey line?
  6. I'll eat my hat, I didn't think we would get him
  7. Yeah I was watching tsn too. As soon as I posted that they said Ericsson to van haha
  8. Probably means he hasn't signed yet?
  9. Cracker Barrel? I'd be ok with that!
  10. I agree people are going to be disappointed, but it's not jim's or Trevor's fault. We have next to no assets that we could/should trade and we aren't very desirable at the moment for ufas. We need more picks and more time for the new core
  11. The first sensible thing Florida has done this off season
  12. Now who is going to save us from over committing to eriksson?