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  1. I have a Brodeur signed jersey too! I love it. Got it when he went to Penticton to couch the alumni game at the prospects camp.
  2. when put this way, it's like Demko,Eriksson for a 3rd and Toffoli sounds a little better. I'm just so worried about after Markstrom is done, then what? Demkos numbers are about the same as Markstoms at the same age
  3. That's really nice. Think it's one of my favourites I've seen you do and you have a lot of nice ones.
  4. Too bad it's fake. I follow the guy on youtube. He just came out with a video saying it was all faked and showed how he did it.
  5. It starts off offside, but McAvoy doesn't touch it till Kuraly comes back over the line. So it's like having someone shoot the puck in while someone is still in the zone but them coming back out before anyone else goes in to touch the puck.
  6. Where will Demko be in rookies? Where was Gaudette last year?
  7. me too! I even threw my arms up cause I thought the American girl threw her stick at the Canadian girl.
  8. and how frequently do NHL games go into overtime in 3 on 3?? the game ends after someone scores.. so if this game went by that this game would have ended 9 min ago so also knowing they have to play 20 min of this, they are going to save their energy. In the NHL they know at most they are only playing for 5 min so of course they can go all out.