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  1. It felt like the chances in this period were more even though, I know they had 10 shots but most of them weren't scary. I wasn't as OMG! this period lol or maybe I'm just learning to deal with it.
  2. Like I don't care if we score but least get something going. Going to give them huge momentum if they keep shutting us out like this. Second was better than the first period but this PP is a downer.
  3. I'm pretty sure we had a shot earlier that didn't count, unless maybe it was heading wide or something. But we really need to just take some shots when we can.
  4. I think sign Markstrom and if Demko is playing as good as Markstrom, we trade Markstrom. Demko is much younger and I'd rather have him for another good 10 years then Markstom for about maybe 5.
  5. Agreed!! Win or lose, Canucks have got some attention and are going to be a team to watch next year.
  6. I mean, it would be exciting but it was hard enough watching when we were up 3-0 with like 6 min, let alone a next goal wins lol
  7. I don't want it to go to overtime haha My heart honestly can't handle it.
  8. either way, we took it to game 7 of round two with a team that people didn't think would be even making the Playoffs. I'm pretty happy.
  9. Right, this is what I told my friends lol was going to say it earlier but I didn't want to jynx anything haha.
  10. I think the 3rds have been out best period for the most part, so I'm hoping we come out strong.