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  1. compare to hits that I have seen get less or no suspension, this didn't look too bad. I don't think there was any intent to hit the head or anything like that. I don't understand how they come up with the amount of games.
  2. lol that was a typo, not intentional lol
  3. or people that use "Ur" instead of "you're" or "your" or "Xmas" most short forms in general really
  4. so Bieksa instead of one of their 2nds? And Dorsett instead of one of our 3rds?
  5. Kesler ,Clendening,2nd,2nd,3rd, 4th for Sbisa, Sutter, Gubranson, ,3rd,3rd 5th ?? is that right?
  6. I remember watching Granlund at the prospects games, and thought he stood out on the Flames team. This was a few years ago but I think he's just better suited for the Canucks style of play. I'm liking what I am seeing thus far.
  7. during the power play and him mostly being the only one on the point, was expecting for him to be in the wrong position or have pucks jump over his stick but he was great, was always in good position to receive passes, I was quite impressed.
  8. I'm in Kelowna, just heard about this while at work today. I live pretty close to the airport too, but I live in the opposite direction of where the crash was.
  9. but I want to put it on a flash drive to watch on my tv, so I don't think I'd be able to play it on my tv. I will check it out, as well as movie maker.. thank you.
  10. I have some videos that I want to put on a flash drive but they are too big, need to cut them in half. I've tried finding apps to cut them in two, but no luck. Does anyone have a good app or website or something that will cut videos?? thanks for any help.
  11. When I was in Calgary last year I think it was, they had Safeway score and win for the Flames games too. But I think Safeway is more of a Western company, so I don't think they have it in Toronto
  12. Ryan Stanton did well for awhile, claimed him off Chicago.
  13. Gudbranson, isn't a player you want sitting 5 minutes because of fighting
  14. I thought Hjalmarsson was as bad as this, but he basically only got one game. Both have history, only difference is there was no injury to Rattie on the play. I just don't understand how they decide on the amount of games. Sometimes you see equal hits with similar history, and one gets 1 game and the other gets 6 games. An injury or not, shouldn't matter. It was lucky Rattie wasn't hurt but the same intent was there.
  15. Dorsett stuck up for teammates more than pretty much the rest of the team last year, even if he's not the most skilled I do think his presence is needed and I think without him, it puts too much pressure on Jake to be that guy that has to be the one fighting and challenging everyone because we don't really have anyone else to do that. Burrows can be a pest, and he does stick up for guys but can quite back it up like Dorsett