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  1. also, it's hard to tell when you compare people of different generation. Stat wise, Hull and Oates have much better numbers.. but I always wonder how well they would do now, even in their prime. Points are much harder to come by.
  2. Yes.. I'm asking if the nomination was before she was shot or after... but thanks for the help pal.
  3. Was she nominated before the shooting?
  4. I really like Cederholm, when I saw him at the prospect games in Penticton for the last 3 years, I really was expecting him to maybe make the team. Thought he was always solid and had impressed me more than Corrado, who did get call up. I really do hope he makes the big leagues sometime.
  5. I was thinking they wouldn't sell out as fast this year, as quick as they did last year.. because of everyone wanting to see "McDavid" but then I remembered that all the teams going all had at least a top 6 pick.. so that is a lot of talent to see.
  6. Yeah I believe it's just the 6 game packs.
  7. I prefer the lower seats, I'm kind of short and I always get tall people sitting in front of me lol I believe this is the 6th year. I think this will be my fourth year in a row going. It's nice seeing our players play before they go off to the big league.
  8. Just got my tickets, seem to be going pretty quick.. Had checked a bit earlier and seats were selling in the 3rd row by the time I bought them, it was the 9th row.. but whatever, still pretty good.
  9. LOL that's funny. Just name him Sedin.. I do like the name Claude.
  10. Thank you.. He has quite the personality too.
  11. Ohhh thats so cute lol
  12. Yeah I do like Pasha too. Don't think I have heard someone with that for their pet name, at least not around here anyway. going to end up with a ton of cats, just to name each one after Canucks players
  13. he's a polydactyly, so he actually has extra toes.
  14. Oh I do like that too!