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  1. How do you not love a guy like this?
  2. hahaha Stretcher mocking Yak me thinks
  3. me as well always liked to see what other people opinions on movies and if maybe their take on it was different from mine.
  4. I wasn't too disappointed with him last year. He had a career year. 10 points in 44 games and he has 10 points in 53 games with Dallas this year.
  5. Yeah I like Cramarossa. Gives off good vibes when he's being interviewed.
  6. I agree.. I just really do not want SJ to win, they are my least favourite team.
  7. I have a good feeling about this guy!! He looks exciting to watching. Think his first game will be like this?
  8. haha stop posting this stuff.. haha everytime I read what he says I get a little choked up jk though, it's nice to read.
  9. This is how I feel as well, just seems so weird, Canucks with no Burrows or Hansen. Oh man. I just don't know how to feel right now.
  10. I actually really liked Wellwood, he was one of my fav when he played for us. He had some crazy dangles.
  11. could also be around still because he's one of the top scoring defencemen in the AHL
  12. she never said she could see it from her house, Tina Fay did while mocking her.
  13. You actually can see Russian from Alaska, There are two islands in the Bering Straight, one is owned by Russian and the other is owned by The States and they're 2.5 miles apart.
  14. Hockey In Night Canada!
  15. I can't imagine this team without them, especially Hank.