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  1. damn I want to go so bad, but just getting a new job at the start of August so I don't know if I want to be taking time of right away. I've gone the last 5 years. It's been awesome.
  2. I love watching Jordan Subban play, so I really hope he gets some call ups.
  3. Pysyk is 25, Baer is 24. I just don't understand trading Baer at this point. He's still pretty young. Tanev is 27 so not much older than Pysyk. I personally don't think it's worth the risk of losing Baer.
  4. This doesn't really make any sense to me. Especially with this being a weak draft I feel like we'd be lucky to get a 20 goal scorer with the 10th pick which Baer already is. I don't know much about Pysyk but his stats are similar to Tanevs so I'm going to assume he is a shutdown defenceman as well but for the few extra points he brings I don't see it worth trading Tanev who is considered one of the best shutdown defensemen in the league. Am I missing something?
  5. I don't know much about Stransky, seems like a decent prospect but I really feel Baer is just getting started he really isn't a playing I want to see traded. I feel like him and Bo are clicking and are just going to get better.
  6. Trevor Linden, he stopped to sign my hat even though I think he was in a hurry Dave Babych Kirk McLean Nolan Baumgartner Orland Kurtenbach Dan Cloutier Bo Horvat Ben Hutton Jordan Subban Alex Grenier Cole Cassels Anton Cederholm he was super nice and humble! Frankie Corrado Nick Jensen Hunter Shinkaruk really the only somewhat bad experience I have had was with Brendan Gaunce
  7. yeah, I wonder if he was worried if he tried to hit with the shoulder, it would contact his head?
  8. To be honest, I would think they would want Vancouver to win the lottery. Vancouver use to make the NHL a lot of money because we always sold out. If it was rigged why would they not rig it in our favour? Having a first overall player playing for your team is going to sell tickets, especially in a city where they would pay more, like in Vancouver.
  9. yeah but what I am saying is by taking higher educated people it isn't helping them as a whole. It's maybe helping that one person but their Country will never get out of where they are at.
  10. what does that have to do with anything I just said?
  11. I've heard that people of higher education do get priority, which some people say is making things worse because we are taking all the people out of their Countries that are able to do something to make their own Country better. In the long run, it would maybe be better not to be taking their top people because they're just going to be left with more uneducated people that unfortunately don't know how or where to start to help themselves.
  12. Sedins already said they aren't leaving.. Why would Luo come back here?
  13. So no history and he gets the same amount of games as Marchand.. I would call this more of a hockey play than Marchands cheap shot. Sucker punching someone isn't good, but his actions make more sense than Marchands. I just don't understand how they come up with this $&!#.
  14. I wish they would have shown it.. I saw everyone clapping, which I figured was for Hansen but I didn't see any tribute.