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  1. Can OP add a poll to this? DST is so annoying. Messes with my sleep schedule and is way too confusing
  2. NDP keep saying that they're "35 seats away" from defeating Harper as if their 2011 seats automatically carry over. I don't really understand the logic there.
  3. The NDP have another candidate running in the GTA who has openly said he's anti-choice and anti-gay and nothings been done about that either. The guy you're talking about is running in Brampton and has apparently "apologized for his statements".
  4. Liberals are offering that middle class income tax cut if you're earning between 45k and 90k? Apparently it's going to save you a grand according to their website.
  5. The laffs ruin everything they touch. I ain't even mad.
  6. Seems like Libs are pulling support from the NDP and the Cons base is keeping steady? It'll be interesting to see if this keeps up until election day. Liberals also released their full platform today on facebook earlier today. That might even add more momentum for them?
  7. OP is 100% right. I don't know what it is about the Canucks but they almost don't even count as a Canadian team to everyone else. When I was cheering for them in 2011, almost everyone I knew (i'm in toronto) was cheering for Boston. It kinda sucks but it'll just make it even sweeter when we finally win a cup way before the maple laffs even make the playoffs again.
  8. I'll be voting liberal for sure. Need to get Harper out of there and the infrastructure/transit stuff the liberals are promising would help my commute to work a ton. On top of that the NDP have been moving more to the right which is a little frustrating.
  9. I want to like Sbisa, I really do. But he's not making it easy.

    1. Dazzle


      He just needs confidence.

    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Sbisa will get better let the season settle in a bit

    3. viking mama

      viking mama

      In 'Lidster'.. we should trust.

  10. I highly doubt that five women are trying to take down Jian Ghomeshi just because he was a bad boyfriend. It's not like he's an a-list celebrity either so why would they even make it up?
  11. ^beat me to it. Seems pretty true right now. Especially with that many people involved.
  12. According to his Facebook rant the CBC told him there were signs of consent earlier. All signs point to evidence being found that points to the contrary.
  13. They talk about the Flames more than the Canucks here in Toronto ugh

  14. They talk about the Flames more than the Canucks in Toronto....i

  15. i swear i dont remember posting half of the things that are actually on here??