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  1. Can OP add a poll to this? DST is so annoying. Messes with my sleep schedule and is way too confusing
  2. NDP keep saying that they're "35 seats away" from defeating Harper as if their 2011 seats automatically carry over. I don't really understand the logic there.
  3. The NDP have another candidate running in the GTA who has openly said he's anti-choice and anti-gay and nothings been done about that either. The guy you're talking about is running in Brampton and has apparently "apologized for his statements".
  4. Sutter will stay wit the sedins as long as they're producing but it's only a matter of time until they're back with vrbata again. I'm not sure if sutter can take 2nd line center away from horvat though.
  5. How can you not bolieve in horvat? Wouldn't swap him ever.
  6. That's pretty awkward for big joe. I bet you could cut the tension with a knife in that room.
  7. In before "should have kept lack"
  8. Liberals are offering that middle class income tax cut if you're earning between 45k and 90k? Apparently it's going to save you a grand according to their website.
  9. #IlluminatiConfirmed
  10. The laffs ruin everything they touch. I ain't even mad.
  11. Maybe this is me being a major homer but I think he'll do it. Being that close to a milestone, I could see him turning it up another level.
  12. and what would the canucks do with him?
  13. Wonder if anyone's going to pick him up. I could see a team hurting for goalies taking a chance on him. Maybe the oilers or stars?