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  1. If not I'd say the MF 'rd is DOOM 'd for his career
  2. Well I mean your other post that's not all you said lol you also said Which was my dispute with you post not that today Brock is worth 7.5+ mil.... Brock is currently on his version of what Brayden Shenn, Sean Couturier, and Tomas Tatar did just a that he had a year of his ELC burned and instantly put up more points than any of those players did at their age. Plus did a tiny bit short of a contract which could easily be explained by the more points at a younger age. I agree with your assessment in that if Brock doesn't keep growing as a player he could easily be a bit of a cap problem. But his contract wouldn't be terrible and would easily could be traded. Barring any serious injury/regression in that time
  3. Very true I agree that it plays a part. But you can't say a guy who puts up .8-1ppg and plays 60-75 games a crappy 4-5 mil tweener like the homie was trying to say he was. That is just false any team would love to have Boeser at 5.875 and many would pay more.
  4. JT Miller was traded for by JB because he is a cost controlled player who signed a contract when he was younger before breaking out and the contract was signed 2 years ago before the market went up. Plus everyone knows and says he is underpaid and if he signed his contract now he would get 8.5+ minimum Tervainen underpaid for sure is true Tatar was 3 years ago and was as bridge contract and came off a 46 point year and was down in points for two years in a row. This year is the first time he is out scoring brock and it's just barely. He is also due for a contract after next year so he will be getting much more most likely. Couturier is well underpaid and everyone knows that. But he is also nearing the end of his contract which was signed when he was 23 and never put up 40 points in a season. (he would have gotten it if he played all the games in the contract year Schenn is also underpaid and signed his contract 4 years ago as a bridge as well... He is also on the last year of his contract and has already resigned for more money lol. Terrible comparision bud. His new contract is only 6.5mil a year which is on the low end of what he could get. But he signed an 8 year contract lmao he is 29 and this contract will take him until he is 37 so it has potential to be amazing as well as terrible. Perron is definitely underpaid true Bryan Rust yeah Crosby is a hell of a drug. Notice how is career high is 38 points prior to this? Last year being down from the year prior. "I don't think I'm insane Kass," I think you are because your argument was in favor of my side lol... How is listing a few players that everyone agrees are underpaid for their production who all took until their mid to late twenties to become those players a good way of trying to prove that someone else who is younger and equally/better than half the players you listed all while being 23. Tervainen is the only one you could argue for your side. He is a good equal comparison for Boeser but at the same time Aho only took 8 mil so Carolina seems to have some special contract ability/players taking some good discounts to stay together. JT Miller would be the next closest with 56 points in 82 @ 23 and I also would argue for you on Miller and I also thought the same when we traded for him. But most people up until 6 months ago thought JT Miller was as clown and at best 2nd line player so it's funny how that one goes...
  5. He has 45 points this year if he scored that in 82 games then this would be a valid statement. He has those 45 points in 56 games... Adam Henrique has only broken 45 points twice in his career and gets 5.85, Bonino score over 45 once in his career and that was 7 years ago he hasn't put up 40 since he's paid 4.1, Backlund max has been 47 and is paid 5.35, Dubinsky, Brandon &^@#ing Sutter peak was a whopping 33 points and was signed like 5 years ago and he even get's paid 4.375 mil a year, Brock Nelson is a career 40-50 pointer and is paid 6 mil a year. Jean-Gabriel Pageau literally just signed a contract a week ago for a 5 mil 6 year contract and has never hit 45 points in a season and Boeser is at that in 56 games lol... Brock Boeser has a higher career PPG than any of these guys have ever had in a season. By quite a bit too. You're absolutely insane if you ever expect a 4-5 mil guy to put up above .8 PPG
  6. Read my comment above. He was already putting up better points/60 than he currently is this seaons for us. He "Only scored" 47 points in 75 games because he was only playing 14:40 seconds per game
  7. Imagine being so dumb that you think this stupid ass take is a good one and point to it 7 months later when it was proven how bad of a take it was. Not only that but then to try and argue that it's a good one. I'm not sure how someone could say those two sentences but then also think it's a bad trade. That's ignoring the actual details in Miller too. Miller as a 21 year old put up 22 goals 21 assists on a middling Rangers team being 5th in scoring on the team. He then follows it up each year with a higher and higher PPG. Has a single year where he is centering the 3rd line on one of the best teams the NHL has ever seen. Gets called Skilled, Versatile, 26 year old power forward who averages 20 goals 51 points (Which is a lie if you quickly do the math its 20.42 goals with a 54.86 points over 82 games/season) If you were to do the actually good way of calculating it you would actually do P/60 seeing as he played less minutes on TBL he had a career average of 2.46 per 60 mintes o If you compare that to current players for ONLY this season and filter it with a minimum of 100 minutes of toi (10 games @ 10 minutes per game) That average over 4 seasons is good enough to tie Auston Matthews for 31st in the league this year (REMEMBER THIS IS ONLY ~50 games into a season and Miller put up that average over 4 whole season while being under 25) All while being on a great contract But you still think Miller for a 1st + 3rd is somehow a bad deal. Ironic thing out of all of this is Miller has a lower points/60 this year "at only" 2.11 Anyone who actually looked into the numbers knew this was a great deal. For anyone wondering Brayden Point had a 2.78p/60 prior to this year. He had so many more points because he averaged an extra 4 minutes and 10 seconds per game with a bunch of that being PP time and with better linemates. No $&!# he scored so many more points but if they had equal minutes Miller clearly would have put up the points in Tampa too (Probably not quite as much as Point did last year pretty damn close seeing as he is doing exactly that in Vancouver) If we had a young cost controlled power forward who from 21-25 scored 20+ goals and 54+ points a season 2.46p/60 and traded him for a 1st + 3rd you would be calling for Bennings neck.
  8. Hughes, and Woo will not need protection in the expanison draft. Also is Richmond Tony not worth keeping around?....
  9. He only needs 3 more and has 8 games to do it.
  10. He is on pace to be a 30g scorer without that.