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  1. The better question is if it happens will you, Vintage Canuck, post the thread about it?
  2. You guys know you can use a xbox 360 wired controller
  3. As all of you know if you're a PC gamer there's no way for you to play any new NHL games. Well check out this NHL 2004 mod. It has as really good graphical update. Even though it's a 2004 game I'd say it has xbox 360/ps3 quality graphics. The physics are amazing. Here's some gameplay with the 2015/2016 update Here's some retro 1996/1997 rosters
  4. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ya sure
  5. *Cough* Horvat, Hutton, Tanev, Rodin, Gaunce *Cough*
  6. Perfect. I really hope he is able to make the transition to the NHL
  7. So Dorsett and Etem are good enough for 2nd line but not good enough for 4th line? Even though they both are more suited for that role than 2nd line lol
  8. Why don't you flip around the 2nd and 4th line wingers. That would make it suddenly pretty damn good 2nd line and a much more grindy 4th line. Daniel McCann Hansen (when he comes back) Baertschi Henrik Virtanen Gaunce Horvat Vey Etem Granlund Dorsett
  9. Sbisa at 3.6 puts him at the same numbers as Justin Schultz Sheldon Souray Mark Fayne Mattias Ohlund Brad Stuart Luke Schenn
  10. What does that have to do with this hit?
  11. Tanev just finished his bridge contract and he is a better player so obviously he will get paid more
  12. What? He said Then someone gave a list of college players who were able to step right into AHL, then NHL with no issues. You then said Shultz isn't a good example of that when that's exact what he did. If he was on almost any other team in the league you'd be gushing over him wishing we could have him (Like everyone did on here 3 years ago). He is in a role he's not suited for on one of the worst teams in the league of course he doesn't look stellar defensively. Shultz has the best +/- on his team out of the defense that haven't missed huge chunks of the season and even those guys would be on pace for a worse +/-
  13. Why isn't a 30-40 point 24 year old defencemen a not good example. Just because he plays on a $&!#ty team does not mean he is bad
  14. 3 years ago when he was 30 he had 20 goals last season and 12 in the shortened season which would put him on pace for 28 this season he's back up to a pace of 34 so yeah it seems like he was on a downward trend because he's aging so him doing this good is better than expected