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  1. Way too long.... otherwise I'm happy to have him
  2. At least jb didnt make any bad trades.
  3. I got a chuckle outta this
  4. I know one guy who is going to save money by not buying the center ice package.....this guy!!! Bennings is giving the house for free
  5. Good signing..... if we are gunning for Matthews
  6. Nothing gets reported here unless its toronto news
  7. Calgary announced he asked for a trade. Curious whats up there. Still think its a steal for the canucks
  8. The only kind of d man i want is like polak. Hes an up grade and tough. Plus shouldn't cost much.
  9. God i hope not!!!!! Kadri is a ME player not a team guy at all. Hes been like that since he was a knight
  10. Cant see it happening. Toronto would want way too much of the canucks future.
  11. He will end up in Washington,Detroit, or tampa
  12. Binino is a great pick up. Sbisa is meh at best and the 24th is good. Not a bad deal considering Kessler tied bennings hands. Kessler was my favorite canuck, but he screwed us.
  13. Not believing the hype
  14. I want hiller over Miller