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  1. Confused Yet? I know I am. ....

    I'm with you. I don't hear people saying this enough! I'm pretty stoked about how the roster is shaping up, not least because there is so much to look forward to, to watch develop. I never expected Markstrom to shape up like he has. We don't mention Rodin so much but what might he bring to the table? Subban? Gems in Hutton and Tryamkin seemed to come out of nowhere. Demko on the horizon is something to be looking forward to. I think those guys, and all the more often-mentioned youngsters of course, are going to be players we become very attached to in the coming seasons.
  2. Kids' Skate Logo Swag?

    Thanks folks! I've looked at all your suggestions, at least the ones accessible online (I forgot to point out I'm in Austria). There is surprisingly little 'official' retro gear available online. My wife really had to dig around to get me the tee I have, bless her. I did manage to find some iron-ons, I will probably grab some of those and a plain tee. Maybe pick up some extras for my own amusement. Thanks again, here's the link in case you're curious
  3. Kids' Skate Logo Swag?

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum, folks, I didn't see one that looked more appropriate. My 3-year-old adores my black Skate Logo tee and keeps asking for one for himself. The one I have was already tricky to track down, don't know where to find any for little folks. Failing actual tees, maybe there are iron-on decals out there somewhere? Anyone have any leads? Anything would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Really like our new look

    Sure, yeah, but the question I'm asking is which arrangement is likely to prove more productive in total.
  5. Really like our new look

    As much as Eriksson on the 1st line is kind of obvious on its own, given how well Hansen did in that spot this year (as many were saying he would once given the chance) I have to wonder whether 1st-line-Hansen + 2nd-line-Eriksson wouldn't actually yield a somewhat higher total production than 2nd-line-Hansen + 1st-line-Eriksson. I think Eriksson can probably produce from the 2nd line better than Hansen can. Thoughts?
  6. I definitely think Van was the better team by any quantifiable measure, and would have won had they been all healthy. But there is another thing I can never forget nor quite understand, and it's relevant to this discussion of the relative merits of analytics; when Rome hit Horton, and it became clear how bad he was hurt, I felt something change. It was tangible. I might have gotten over it but then when Marchand scored, the way he scored, the way the building reacted, I knew we were f•••ed. And in Round 1, after Raffi's nasty hit I had very much the same feeling, that things were going to turn bad. We got out of that one alive, but it still left an impression that there is something psychological in the game that is, at least as things stand now, better understood by the old school than by analytics. I like to think that analytics, given time, will shed light on more and more aspects of the game, maybe aspects we can't currently imagine could be quantified, but I think it is a little early to start mocking intangibles and old school methods.
  7. No, I don't dig it. The colors don't make sense with the animal or the concept, and even though (if you ignore that mismatch) it does work against a white ground just in terms of shapes and colors, once it's on black it loses a great deal of legibility. It only pops on white. The skate worked on both jerseys though. I played around with it myself a couple of years ago, because I really liked the idea, but I concluded that the designers got it right with the current kit. I don't like everything about it, but it's a strong, coherent and well-balanced piece of work. And it's in the top tier of the expansion club designs too, in my opinion.
  8. The combo of black, yellow, orange and red are often thought of as nature's 'warning colors'. Look at poison dart frogs, wasps, etc. There is a very specific psychology to it. Boston and Philly have color schemes perfectly matched to their franchise's traditional reputation/brand. I have read that the 90's colours were arrived at with that exactly in mind. Red, Orange, and Black are the complimentary (i.e. opposite) colors to Green, Blue and White respectively. They inverted the calm, harmonious scheme of the original design to an aggressive, high-contrast scheme that conveyed an entirely different message. One way to look at it is that if the organisation is intending to build an aggressive, mean identity and approach, the 90s colors are the better fit. For the way the '11 squad was structured around a more cerebral strategy and highly skilled roster, the current colors were appropriate. Personally I think the orca looks wretched in the 90s colors, and the skate looks wretched in the blue and green. The current look is actually a very successful design, whatever people's objections to the orca may be. But I do think it's possible the 90s scheme is better matched to the direction in which it seems Benning is looking to take the team. The WCE-era colours are a total mess better left unmentioned.
  9. I think we get too accustomed to hockey players just saying what they are supposed to say, not rocking the boat, etc. Hockey seems to have a very tight-lipped and conservative culture, and when players speak their minds they get an earful. Vrbata is well entitled to look out for number 1, and beyond that he will know better than any of us what he needs to make his maximum contribution. Not every player can do everything, and at his age he will know very well where he is most productive (see last year's performance for proof). Acknowledging that is not the same as being whiny. Maybe he checked out, a little or a lot, and it's easy for us to pretend like we would behave more nobly in that position, if we got paid that much, but I doubt we would.
  10. Excuse the post-season negativity but,

    I don't buy the idea that seems to run through the original post that Vrbata's disappointing season was on purpose, or that it was a symptom of character flaws. There is no reason to think so, nor any way to know one way or the other. He was brilliant last year when many expected his scoring to fall off entirely, and from what I recall he has had sporadic droughts through his career anyway. I hope he finds a good home next year and gets back to his scoring ways, there's no reason to dump on the guy.
  11. [Discussion] Friedman's 30 thoughts - Canucks related

    I really like the idea of signing a few guys used to playing together on a good team- Caggiula and Stecher to join Boeser would be interesting, especially since I figure team chemistry is a big part of what the Canucks need to build now with their young 'uns coming up. As for Boeser's place in the Vancouver system being an incentive to Caggiula; that may be, but note that the other guy on their line, Schmaltz, is in the Hawks system. Caggiula grew up idolising Toews, went to UND because of Toews. And the Hawks are just a way better team.
  12. Bo, baertschi, virtanen

    It has seemed, from very early on, that they're grooming Horvat for bigger things. A future leadership role, even at the current stage he seems to be looked to as an example for the others. I think more than a few of us, and maybe management too, can't help but imagine him as a future captain. I'd be on board with that approach myself, from what little I can tell from the fan's vantage point he seems like the sort of person who can carry, and wants to carry, that weight. If that's what their plan is for him, I guess his development is about more than finding a good line to click with, it'll be about a kind of "weight training" to build up his ability and his confidence to the point where he can carry the team for stretches. It's a funny excercise trying to assess a young man's character from this vantage point we have, and of course we can't really, but with that caveat I do have the feeling he is capable of a big role. And if that's what they are preparing him for I think it's more than worthwhile as an investment. It's a fascinating process to watch.
  13. [GDT] Canada vs U.S.A., semifinals

    I hadn't considered this, thanks for the perspective.