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  1. It's Miller Time?

    I liked his save on the 2nd shooter in the SO against Anaheim last night. I'm no goaltending expert but to me it looked like he used his right leg to tease the shooter, giving him that side to shoot at before taking it away again.
  2. Johnny Canucks Logo

    I hesitate to step into this, as it seems to be pretty heated sometimes, but nonetheless... I keep wondering if a just-the-head version of Johnny Canuck would work. Something along the lines of this sketch (it's possible that I have just missed them, but I haven't yet seen a head logo proposed for Johnny Canuck besides the ones combining it with a V) I'm curious what people think about the idea. Partly about this specific sketch but more importantly about the overall notion of an approach to Johnny Canuck similar to the logos of the Senators (old version), Hawks, etc: Basically a somewhat flatter more 'traditional' graphic with the head in profile. There are loads of different 'Indian Head' and 'Trojan Head' logos all over the place, with the Sens and Hawks being the obvious comparisons in the hockey world. I'm not on any particular side of this orca-vs-johnny debate, so I'm hoping no one feels the need to attack the idea or my intelligence or whatever else. I'm interested in this discussion from a design perspective and would be interested in hearing reasoned opinions on the idea.
  3. One thing I want to point out about MG and Torts

    Some great observations here. Goodness; real adult conversation about the Canucks on CDC with no adolescent name-calling. Thank you! This is a good read.
  4. Fill the lineup next year

    I do love the sound of that. Probably wouldn't live up to my hopes any time soon but a boy can dream.
  5. I think Gillis is on to something.

    If someone can identify what exactly is the cause for the majority of our top players having their crappiest seasons ever, and then fix that, we are looking at a pretty good situation. If one or two of our prospects can step up and play well, all the better. If we can sign on some new scoring production with the new cap space, better still. Of those 3 'if's the first is the one that is most worrying. Without a remedy for whatever has poisoned the well in Vancouver, I don't think the picture will get any better.
  6. re-thinking the idea of buying out Booth

    It's funny; now that nobody is scoring I hardly feel I can factor that in to my assessment of Booth, or any of them really. With the goal production question more or less leveled out by team-wide failure, Booth's possession stats and speed make him look like one of our best players all of a sudden. This team has truly entered the Twilight Zone.
  7. Can this franchise move on from 1994?

    That's it right there. The 94 series can objectively be seen as one of the best ever Finals, one for the ages. Only Boston fans might feel that way about '11, that series was a gong show on and off the ice.
  8. Luongo cameo in Free Birds

    Far from seeking the glory of authoring a thread on CDC, I did so despite the near certainty of ill-mannered unfriendly responses and snide comments. I thought some people might get a kick out of it.
  9. Luongo cameo in Free Birds

    Actually looking at it again all the faces seem to be the same guy, so I guess it's someone involved in the movie. Some kind of inside joke.
  10. Luongo cameo in Free Birds

    In the scene it's sort of showing how 'insane' TV is, this assault on the senses, he's more crazy than happy. You can see it here:
  11. Luongo cameo in Free Birds

    Yeah sure, I just like to think of it as Luongo because he looks like he's off his rocker. It's an amusing Canucks easter egg, whoever it's supposed to be. But thanks for the snark all the same.
  12. Luongo cameo in Free Birds

    Don't know if anyone has noticed this already but I thought it was funny. In Free Birds, this image flashes on the TV when the turkey is flipping through the channels after first discovering TV.
  13. [GDT] Canada vs U.S.A., semifinals

    I hadn't considered this, thanks for the perspective.