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  1. So... caught Coaches Corner tonight. Cherry was exercising his mandibular fart horn again, when something pleasant accidentally spewed from it about the Sedins. Then he acted like they've been buds for years. Hank's greatest accomplishment, I'm thinking, is getting that doofus to say something nice about a swede. (other than a leafy one)
  2. Kind of? That pass came with it's own note.
  3. Say something like that in Edmonton and they'll put you on suicide watch. And no... he really wasn't.
  4. I didn't mean to suggest that it was possible to pick your partner for a playoff series. It was more of a response to the scenario FTG proposed. I guess my point was, getting the weaker matchup wouldn't necessarily be the preferred outcome in all situations.
  5. You know, this seems like a no-brainer, but it really isn't. I might be tempted to take on the Hawks for 2 reasons... 1... most upsets seem to happen in the first round. I don't have any stats on this, it just seems that way to me 2... even if you take on the Av's in the first round and beat them, you still have to meet the Hawks in the next round anyway. (probably) Why not go after them right away when you're still fresh? Then if by some miracle you do upset them, you may meet the weaker team in the second round. I mean, the point is to run the table, not to sewer on the second ball . Right?
  6. Totally get that. I'm right there with you.
  7. According to NHL.com we're presently in 22nd place, tied in points with the 21st and 20th place teams. Can't argue with the second sentence though. That could happen. Or not.
  8. So do I, actually. But to my mind, that would make us...not a bottom feeder. More of an average team that had a rocky start, but is improving. Semantics, I suppose.
  9. I was with you until you said the Canucks are a bottom feeder. By definition a "bottom feeder" is a bad team. And if the Canucks are a bad team, to what are you attributing our extra wins? The reasons you started off complaining about? Something else?
  10. Maintenance nightmare is written all over these two. 2-fer-1 harpie-in-a-bag. Just add surgery for maximum results. Do not want Will not watch the reality TV show
  11. ...says the guy who closely follows a professional sports team. Everybody needs a hobby. Sports is ours, show biz is theirs. Is TMZ fundamentally that different from TSN? Were you sad when Howe passed on? (I don't mean distraught about it or anything. maybe just a little reflective?)
  12. I'd prefer Tram saved that one for either one of Keith/Marchand. Imagine how far he could launch Marchand! He could probably chuck him right back into the dressing room.
  13. meh. I can kind of see a penalty there. It looks to me that Tram is pulling on MacD's right hip with his stick hand while pushing on his left shoulder, trying to throw him off-balance. Very sneaky and hard for ref to pick up. It's a soft call, but it's there. And props to Tram for trying that instead of just outright grabbing him. Decent shot at getting away with it. I like that kid's smarts. Like I and others said in the game thread, good penalty.
  14. That's a good point, except the goal was called good on the ice. It was TOHO that reversed it. Pretty sure they hadn't been warning anybody about anything.
  15. I'm gonna need a clarification here.