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  1. It happens. You can't play against Talbot every game.
  2. your PK should rank better, tho.
  3. Uncharted territory now, boys
  4. Edmonton is playing St Louis tonight. Hoping for a Yak Trick. And some over-the-top celly's thrown in. Hey, a guy can dream.
  5. Voted no for selfish reasons. When SP had the Van games, I couldn't watch them without paying tribute to that nest of thieves, NHL Gamecenter/Center Ice. It was possible to subscribe to Pac here in Edm for not an outrageous price, but Van games were blacked out on it, removing the only reason anyone outside BC would subscribe in the first place. So far this year I've been able to watch every game. OK, some of them are in fuzzy-def, but it's better than nothing. How long this lasts, idk.
  6. Haha. Tell me about it. If one post embeds 3 or 4 twitter posts, and someone else quotes it, it takes some superior hand/eye to hit the "next" button at the bottom as it whizzes by.
  7. Hmm. Well if you have to explain a joke, it probably wasn't funny in the first place. The idea was that the pre-op phase of sexual transformation would be a phase where hormones would be used to effect changes in the body to shift from one set of characteristics to a different set. So, a pre-op transsexual approach to team building would require an aggressive chemical therapy before.... ahhh, you're right. This isn't funny at all.
  8. Add in the perfect save percentage non-shutout and this is a pretty weird start.
  9. That hidden one did the trick. I knew you were a pro.
  10. Got to keep Yak off the score sheet. If he gets 15 goals this year, Oilers get a 2nd rounder instead of a third.
  11. Tkachuck is going to be the next Matt Cooke. Glad we didn't take him.
  12. Usually not a fan of "message sending". Prefer scoring. Steen is asking for it tonight, though. Bo owes him one.
  13. You tell 'im, Ap. You're the pro.
  14. Whoops. You're right. I need to read harder.
  15. It's right there on his paycheque, bud.