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  1. That sounds reasonable, but that's not what the local news outlets are saying about the name. Maybe the focus group picked the animal and the team picked the name?
  2. I know you're kidding, but for those who don't know, the Oilers original owner was Bill Hunter. The mascot is named after him.
  3. Obligatory 1 - Bure - always, always dangerous 2,3 - Sedins - even when they don't score, it's fun to watch the d men running around Personal favorites 4 - Larionov. - I put him up there close to Datsyuk. A great player and a professional through and through 5 - Gradin - always thought he was underrated as a player and leader 6 - Kesler - yeah, I know. But there was absolutely no quit in that guy. Just ask Nashville. 7 - Linden - see above. Just ask NY. 8 - Smyl - see 2 above. Just ask anybody. Wildcards 9 - Bobby Lalonde - always rooted for that guy. 5 foot 5 of pure waterbug power, always got an honest game out of the guy. 10 - Haaaa-rooold. For obvious reasons Honourable mentions Lars Lindgren - A good defenseman, who delivered one of my favorite tragic-comedy moments in all of sports. The own goal. We were beating the Oilers. The legendary '80's Oilers, not the bozos of the last ten years. The real thing. We're up 3-2 with a minute to play. Lindgren goes back to retrieve a puck in our zone with no one around him. Intends to send it behind the net from the half-wall and instead sends an absolutely gorgeous laser shot straight into the top right corner past Richard Brodeur and ties the game FOR THE OILERS. Such a beautiful goal, but into the wrong net, at such a crushingly ill-timed moment. Despite the disappointment, you just had to laugh. Which me and my friends did for weeks afterward. I don't remember who on the Oilers got credit for that goal. I've always hoped it was Gretzky. Just because. Richard Brodeur - for the giving ol' Lars the stinkiest eye of death I have ever seen one player give another. Just raised the hilarity of that moment to legendary status in our eyes. Oh... uh.. and that 82 cup run. Nice job there, bud. The streakers - OK, technically not actual "Canucks", but young, hot, naked, and on our ice. Back when CBC was cool enough to feature the replay between periods, complete with slow-mo and analysis.
  4. Nice article. But far too little, way too late. Where was this stuff when it might have done some good? Apology not accepted TO.
  5. Brutal period, except for Demko. Just can't get through that defense.
  6. No, he's in.
  7. Looks like no Juolevi today. Subban back in.
  8. Uh oh. Somebody just caught Demko in the neck with a warm up shot. Went down, then off. Never mind, he's back.
  9. Well, that's edm/win done. Edm outshot again, but win. Pulju with a couple of points (they played him!) Caggiula buzzing around. Kind of a dull game, though. JP's good. I wish we had him instead of him being wasted on Edmonton.
  10. And your fogged up glasses are turning blue. These guys are working hard and giving the opposing teams problems. But, when you put 70-some shots (plus a lot more that missed or hit posts) at the other guy's net and only have 4 goals to show for it, it's painfully obvious that this forward group's problem is not being able to finish. The rest of their game isn't as bad as you think. Breakouts, transitions, zone entries... mostly good, occasionally great. The finishing shot... too slow on the release or not seeing the trigger man in time. That can be taught, somewhat.
  11. So make one. I don't care. Tbh I thought this thread would've died a long time ago. I just made it to ask a question.
  12. He played here on Friday. He's in Toronto now? Edit: Never mind. Thought you were talking about Pulju.
  13. That's why I like coming to this tournament. Good hockey, see everybody's prospects, cheap seats, nice break from work. The only thing that bugs me is the way the Oilers keep yanking their top prospects out of it after one game. McDavid last year, Pool Party this year. It's a long ride from Edmonton to come see just the guys that probably won't make it.
  14. Well, that's her. Oil 4-3 OT. Outshot 43 - 33, though. Just like our game against them.
  15. Tkachuk 4 min spearing. Man, this kid is piece of work. Edit: Oilers running at him now. Benning got two for chopping at his throat, Doeztal got two for boarding him and then fought Smith. And dropped him. At least I know what Doeztal does now.