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  1. I don't know why people are surprised. Everybody knows ground pounders can't count.
  2. Speaking of game times, here they are... Young Stars Classic Schedule* GAME TEAMS DATE TIME Game 1 Calgary vs. Winnipeg Sept. 16 4:00pm Game 2 Vancouver vs. Edmonton Sept. 16 7:30pm Game 3 Calgary vs. Edmonton Sept. 17 7:30pm Game 4 Vancouver vs. Winnipeg Sept. 18 2:00pm Game 5 Edmonton vs. Winnipeg Sept. 19 11:00am Game 6 Vancouver vs. Calgary Sept. 19 3:00pm
  3. No argument here. I just thought it was odd that 2/3 of the tournament is played on workdays and only 1/3 is played on the weekend days. Seems backwards to me.
  4. Ok, that would be the "otherwise" in the "payment, monetary or otherwise" statement. But, whatever. One last question for you, though. If Trump and the Clintons are rigging the election for some unspecified reward for Trump, does it seem wise to be going around telling people publicly that the election is rigged? Because that's what he's been doing. More than once. If it was me doing it, I think I'd keep that to myself. Still not buying it.
  5. I hope so, too. But never underestimate the paranoia of Chiarelli. He pulled McDavid out of last years tourney because Jake hit him.
  6. I'm just wondering if Puljujarvi is going to be there at all. Didn't he have knee surgery right after the U18's?
  7. Biega worst on the team? Maybe. But somebody has to be. It's kind of like being the slowest sprinter at the Olympics. You're still pretty damn fast.
  8. But doesn't that imply some form of payment, monetary or otherwise, back to Trump for doing this? The Donald don't do nuthin for nuthin. And if it's not the Dem party paying, then it's the Clintons themselves. Which, while not totally unbelievable, would open them up to blackmail should Trump demand more than the deal agreed on. Which he would. You know he would. That's why I just don't buy that story. Hillary might be that dumb. There's no way Slick Willy is. Moore's theory fits the best for me. His scheming little brain and big, fat ego got him in over his head. Now he's trying to get out of it without trying to look like he is. And he'll get to blame someone else for it. That's a Trumpian win/win, right there.
  9. Technically, anything Trump does on his own is not a conspiracy, by the definition of the word. Are you saying you believe the Democratic party is paying him to do this?
  10. I'm looking forward to seeing Abols again. I like that kid. Not an elite talent, obviously, but a real hound on the puck. Reminded me of Hansen early on. He's got a lot of work to do, but could be worth the rd7 pick we used.
  11. For some reason the Saturday and the Sunday only have one game each day. The Friday and Monday have 2 each. Absolutely no idea why, but it was the same last year.
  12. X-Pat = ex-patriot. IE... grew up in the lower mainland (White Rock) but now live elsewhere. The "lost in Edmonton" part is fairly self explanatory. Edmonton's a nice town, actually, except for some brutal winters and even those have been steadily getting easier. Global warming, I suppose. But it's not home, and never will be.
  13. Don't get me wrong. I didn't say I actually believe the theory. It's just that it's my new favorite for "nutjob theory of the year". And in this election year, that's saying something. That being said, the whole situation down south is nothing short of tragic. If the left and right don't find a way to live with each other with some semblance of respect, I can absolutely see the US dissolving into separate countries over the next couple of decades. I think one state was threatening secession during the last election. Don't remember which.
  14. My favorite is the theory that Trump is a Dem agent sent to destroy them. Google "Trump is a plant". There's a lot of articles on it. Completely ignores the fact that Trump hasn't changed his message or style since the convention, so what he's doing now is what they voted for then.
  15. It's not really worth wasting your time on. One of the recurring characters was known as a Dalek. One of it's built-in weapons strongly resembled a toilet plunger.