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  1. My son and I are heading down to YST again this year. Kind of becoming a yearly thing now. Makes for a nice break and you see pretty good hockey without needing to rob a bank. Accommodations are tough, though. Jazz festival is the same weekend.
  2. I feel the league needs to do something about these ridiculous signing bonuses. Perhaps by making up some stupid, punitive rule and applying it retroactively to existing contracts that they've previously approved. For the good of the game, of course.
  3. McLean promising an "exposé" on hip checks and knees. Wonder who he's going to hatchet this time?
  4. I hope someone captured the pic of that bruin fan blubbing into his towel. I need a new wallpaper.
  5. Bruins aren't threatening to kill anybody. No heart!
  6. Buh bye, beansters. Looks good on you.
  7. I'm not worried. Burr's going to end this the right way.
  8. He was terrible role model. Always half in the bag. Ba dum tum.
  9. Air Force brat. Born in Ottawa, short stays in Fort William and Val D'or, finally ending up in White Rock in '61 because my mom's parents lived there. Both my parents were avid hockey fans. Her, being from western Canada, a solid Leaf fan. Him, Montreal born and raised, a Habs fanatic. In 1970, hockey peace was finally declared in our household when they both started rooting for the Canucks. How do I abandon a team that can do that? Gretzky? Pffft. Big deal.
  10. So... caught Coaches Corner tonight. Cherry was exercising his mandibular fart horn again, when something pleasant accidentally spewed from it about the Sedins. Then he acted like they've been buds for years. Hank's greatest accomplishment, I'm thinking, is getting that doofus to say something nice about a swede. (other than a leafy one)
  11. Kind of? That pass came with it's own note.
  12. Say something like that in Edmonton and they'll put you on suicide watch. And no... he really wasn't.