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  1. 20 year old Sam Bennett is a healthy scratch tonight. He's 20 years old and not playing tonight, despite being 20 years old.
  2. Classic Canucks right there.
  3. It's being added to the broadcast in by the cbc truck outside.
  4. Maybe, but that really doesn't matter. The Gretzky trade was a Canadian cultural event. The damn country stood still.
  5. How does Sutherland get tapped officiate SCF games? Is it his unrivaled ability to fvck western teams?
  6. Hitch fired or is this right where the Blues should be at?
  7. ^^^^^ JUST about to post that! Ah, NHL. The 2016 version of the ol' half a toe in the crease of '99. Wait till this call f'ups up the SCF.
  8. I used to joke about that one when the Ducks where about enter the league.....same applies to the Bolts. Quite a franchise we have here.
  9. Marleau....that was pretty sad. Too bad players can't opt for a 2 min minor.