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  1. Clout? I remember a choke artist mental case. That, and him facing backwards on a pivotal Wild goal.
  2. wow are players allowed to keep swinging when 2 linesmen are in the middle...apparently yes.
  3. 3 Stanley Cups might buy them some time, like when the Canucks....oh wait.
  4. Hometown Hockey riding Leafs dick hard this afternoon.
  5. Well, it has been a Sedin team.... new era, new song:
  6. 20 year old Sam Bennett is a healthy scratch tonight. He's 20 years old and not playing tonight, despite being 20 years old.
  7. Classic Canucks right there.
  8. It's being added to the broadcast in by the cbc truck outside.
  9. Maybe, but that really doesn't matter. The Gretzky trade was a Canadian cultural event. The damn country stood still.