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  1. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=456177 I have mixed feelings on this signing
  2. +1. My sentiments exactly. I was hoping we'd move up, but I'll show full support for Virtanen now that we've drafted him. Although I will reserve judgment for Benning and company, at least they're staying true to their word in trying to achieve a hybrid Boston type model. Now, whether this effort pans out when it comes to results remains to be seen. Nevertheless, I appreciate their transparency. It goes without saying that transparency was not a quality one could attribute to Mike Gillis.
  3. + 1 Agreed. However, I'm even more enthusiastic about WD's experience with coaching youth. Canucks have overlooked drafting and youth development for too long, so Benning's scouting background and WD's experience are crucial points for me. I'm a fan of the direction the franchise is going. Linden, Benning, and WD bring a positive energy to an organization that needs to shift away from its negative image and reputation.
  4. Look to Burrows to score in Game Seven and do the arrow to the heavens. RIP #28 Bourdon! I won't go overboard with the sentiment and say do this and that for this player, but it really means a lot to see that Burr always pays tribute to his buddy Bourdon. As a team, the Canucks would be winning for so much more, but there is so much this team could win all at once with this win.
  5. Juice is logging major minutes and playing rock solid. Appreciate and respect where its due.
  7. Recipe for awesome goals: Add a little Sedin magic, and finish with some Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Recipe for success: Team effort and believing in each other.
  8. He shared his juice with the team and it's clearly working, but he saved a little extra for himself!
  9. Got juice? Bieksa you are really BEASTLY AMAZING
  10. Nice screen by Burr
  11. Sorry for bringing this up, but I couldn't help but feel like Bourdon had Burrows' back for this game. It was even a clapper that would make Bourdon proud.
  12. His play might be up and down, but his heart is in the right place. LOVE BURROWS!!!!!!!!!!! ALL EFFORT AND HEART!