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  1. Okay.....hahaha...
  2. I feel like JV is injured...the option is season ending they are letting him play a bit before shutting it down.
  3. Lol, Burrows didn't play in our two losses. Maybe we really do need him....and Dorsett. I did say maybe.
  4. Sounds good...apologies.
  5. You should have seen Newt Gingrich and Megyn Kelly go at it because she invoked the phrase "if Trump is a sexual predator" during the interview. Things are getting more heated...for sure. I would love to see someone give that Lemon some static. Such a sanctimonious puke. He really loves the sound of his own voice. (remember that one
  6. It comes down to having no first line. Sorry.
  7. Sounds like you are the one who is suffering.
  8. Even if he stayed on script he wouldn't have won. Those days are over. The Dems are used to kicking sand in the face of Republicans and having them just take it. Now that the media is in the tank for the democrats....drastic measures are the only hope.
  9. I think that was his response....this isn't new IIRC.
  10. I said that is his platform....he doesn't want or need to be beholding to anyone because he is rich already. Do I believe him? Probably.