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  1. Oh sorry....I wasn't upset. I'm happy to eat my words on this. I forgot this about Forsberg (always mix him up with Sundin). Ok then Datsyuk and Forsberg. Maybe I should have stuck to the AHL.
  2. Oh yeah, lol, Datsyuk...good for breaking all the norms. I figured there'd be one....that's why I said two.
  3. I thought we were hoping for Sakic or Forsberg. You give me Schwartz. There probably are some, so just name two you want EP to aspire to be as good as. I haven't researched it, so shove it down my throat. If he's going to be great, he'll be on the team next year.
  4. Sweden this year ...Utica next year....close enough....two years anywhere after being drafted.
  5. I wonder if the scenario you describe has ever happened in history. Who are the best two drafted forwards that needed two years in the minors
  6. No sarcasm. Can you name a couple forwards who spent two years in the minors after their draft year and are as good as you hope EP turns out? Maybe there are some. Who do you suggest.
  7. If he's not on the team next year, he's not the player we're hoping for.
  8. lol....I accidentally quoted you....I wasn't trying to send a message...haha

    1. clam linguine

      clam linguine

      I am screwing up royally here


  9. hi!

    where is the trap?



    1. chon derry
    2. clam linguine
    3. logic


      @clam linguine the trap is always moving, that is one of the basic trap rules is never hold down one spot for to long.

  10. 2016

    Lucic         Stamkos   Pulpuljarvi

    Tkachuk    Horvat      Hansen

    Baertschi   Sutter       Rodin

    Gaunce     Zalewski   Virtanen   Dorsett


    Edler Tanev Hutton Tryamkin  Sbisa Biega   Markstrom Miller


    McCann, Demko, Boeser for 2nd Top 5 pick

    Sedins to Anaheim for a pick and cap for Stamkos and  Lucic


    Work in


    1. clam linguine

      clam linguine

      Trying to figure out this status thng

    2. thejazz97



      McCann, Demko, Boeser for 2nd Top 5 pick

      Sedins to Anaheim for a pick and cap for Stamkos and  Luci


    3. clam linguine