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  1. For now we don't but wait for Boeser, Dahlen, Demko and of course Pettersson and maybe Juolevi.
  2. Yes we do.
  3. I went to both their SCF home games, still remember them.
  4. aka the Boest line.
  5. Media always puts down the Canucks, even during the 2011 SCF. This isn't really new.
  6. I doubt Boeser will ever play in Utica.
  7. Benning did fine with the drafting, and I like the Del Zotto and Gagner pickups, but the rest weren't really needed- I guess the holes needed to be filled.
  8. Ugh I remember the mid-late 80's Canucks, those were hard times.
  9. I hope this is sarcasm.
  10. Go for head coach career when he's ready?
  11. Well bringing in some veterans for the youths to work with, sounds like kinda rebuild to me. Didn't Toronto do this not long ago and no one dared asked wtf they're doing?
  12. Biggest #1 overall bust of all time? Rick DiPeitro would like to have a talk with you. Hell Patrick Stefan qualifies as one as well.
  13. Edmonton trading away McDavid's best wingman? WHY???
  14. Rangers, NYC is vibrant.
  15. I have spoken of Del Zotto coming to Vancouver for a few years now (ever since Ehrhoff left), would love a blue line puck mover.