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  1. 4-2 Canucks This isn't your J. Quick Kings
  2. A decade later in social media? That's defamation by definition. POS is basically a POS for how he went about it. Book sales are looking up though.
  3. Terribly weak attempt at whatever.... The whole thing is hearsay in a courtroom. POS better be careful that he lust for exposure on a book release doesn't get him into said courtroom defending a defamation suit. A bit juvenile by a 30 year old that's purportedly moved on from a difficult upbringing. Be a man and call Burrows directly if the 12 year old comments have cut so deep. Character assassination in social media is no less cruel than what Burrows ALLEGEDLY did.
  4. Hover your mouse over the thread title and a box will pop with 1st post and latest post
  5. Without the time to read all 19 pages of posts, you've saved me some typing with your last paragraph. Exactly my feelings about this as well. He calls him out for comments from 10 and 12 years ago? How did Burrows even know about the abuse issue? Funny but a book release makes people do dumb things with twitter. if I was Burrows, I'd be looking into a litigious response. Hearsay does not trump defamation either. POS needs to retract those tweets because it looks pretty sad after all this time
  6. yup
  7. I'm still nauseous from "a prospect and a pick"
  8. Seriously how does this become so out of control stupid over a waiver wire player? All of you that are calling for Benning's head for "asset mismanagement" were the same people that applauded Canuck management for picking up Stanton off the wire when Chicago tried to "sneak him through" to the minors. Corrado was a 5th rounder that was given all opportunity to become a player over a 4 year period and he just didn't answer the bell. Those who think Corrado is a better player than Weber will have to cope with it. Are there any actually hockey fans left out there or is everyone now just strictly into the sport management psychoanalysis?
  9. This is a load of rubbish. The tickets wouldn't print and then it tells you they were allocated already? False, fabricated. I still have all of my tickets last year saved as pdf files. I can print them all 100 times each. Nothing gets "allocated" when you print them. In fact I have printed a set of tickets at home, then decided to give the game away, saved the tickets as a pdf instead, sent the pdf to a relative by email who printed them at their home and then went to the game. It's brain dead simple. Anything else is false.
  10. I just bought an 11 game pack yesterday (with 2 vs EDM so I can see McGretzky play). I did last season with the print at home function and it works perfectly. You can also email the tickets to a friend and they can get in with their smart phones. Not sure why hard copy is so necessary. I have all my tickets in my Canucks account and I can print them all today if I want.
  11. I'm all in for this guy. He's captain material. Tank One For Chychrun
  12. This ^^ is the whole issue in a nutshell...and fueled by the local media who can't wrap their heads around what is happening. The next time any of you CDCer's trade your vehicle in on a new car, remember how you all trashed Benning for not getting enough for our assets. There's little doubt in my mind you won't get what you think you should for your beater.