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  1. 4-2 Canucks This isn't your J. Quick Kings
  2. A decade later in social media? That's defamation by definition. POS is basically a POS for how he went about it. Book sales are looking up though.
  3. Terribly weak attempt at whatever.... The whole thing is hearsay in a courtroom. POS better be careful that he lust for exposure on a book release doesn't get him into said courtroom defending a defamation suit. A bit juvenile by a 30 year old that's purportedly moved on from a difficult upbringing. Be a man and call Burrows directly if the 12 year old comments have cut so deep. Character assassination in social media is no less cruel than what Burrows ALLEGEDLY did.
  4. Hover your mouse over the thread title and a box will pop with 1st post and latest post
  5. Without the time to read all 19 pages of posts, you've saved me some typing with your last paragraph. Exactly my feelings about this as well. He calls him out for comments from 10 and 12 years ago? How did Burrows even know about the abuse issue? Funny but a book release makes people do dumb things with twitter. if I was Burrows, I'd be looking into a litigious response. Hearsay does not trump defamation either. POS needs to retract those tweets because it looks pretty sad after all this time
  6. yup
  7. I'm all in for this guy. He's captain material. Tank One For Chychrun
  8. LOL!!
  9. Wha? LOL We need to get bigger and it doesn't matter where they come from....
  10. I'm sure everyone understands, while they drag Gillis out to the gravel pit and set him on fire, that there isn't a SINGLE team related decision that's made solely by him. If you believe otherwise then maybe stop posting for a while until you are able to sit at the big people's table. What you really are trying to say is that the entire management administration needs to go, right? ...and 3 weeks ago everyone was debating whether the team really was a contender still after one of the hottest Decembers in team history. Have some more koolaid
  11. Team looks good out there without Booth