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  1. Worst Playoff Home Crowd Ever (Game1)

    Oh my &^@#. Who gives a $&!#. Maybe if they played worth cheering for. People are &^@#ing whiners. Good god
  2. The Rock at 15 year's old bigger than a average man

    Anyone who thinks u can get as big as the rock by "working hard" is straight up an idiot and should do some research.
  3. You put the Sedins on a team like the ducks and they win a cup, but they are not franchise players and should not be built around at all any more. It is the issue with the Canucks. They are not first liners and anymore and as long as management thinks they are this team will go no where
  4. Recreate a million dollar commercial backed up by a car company to do what exactly? Are u high?
  5. I wonder how much his life insurance was covered in case he botched it... I'm Going with fake or staged somehow to not be as dangerous as it seems