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  1. Hall jumped into the play before Hill got to bench?
  2. Exactly, what? I hope it's a penalty bcuz it SHOULD BE.
  3. Let's be honest. Yotes are playing better hockey than Nucks right now.
  4. They were like...20secs away from pissing away that opportunity honestly lol.
  5. this league is such a train wreck. I have never seen such sh it reffing on a nightly basis in professional sports except for the NHL. Refs are ignorant and inconsistent. My god is it frustrating... speak the truth like Torts, and you'll be penalized. Bush league at it's best.
  6. ??? 2 goals against potted in by own teammate. More like they're playing too passively, Hawks are not unstoppable.
  7. Boys need to wake up and come out strong in the 2nd. Spending too much time in our own zone.