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  1. Dan hank burr Loui horvat virtanen Baer sutter hansen Gaunce gran dorsett/Etem This lineup I would love to see WD try sometime during pre season 2nd line could be legit if virtanen takes the next step it has all the tools to play a 200 ft game counter attack with lots of speed that I guarentee will create lots of odd man rushes and all those guys drive the net hard it's gonna be fun I believe loui might be a perfect fit to play with Bo he loves to pass up the puck and drive the net or get in position Bo loves to have the puck on his stick and has good playmaking skills to make this a legit secondary scoring line if JB can get a top6 winger to go with these 2 we will finally have a legit 2nd line that can play with the best of them. (Crossing my fingers) virtanen takes the next step gets 25-40 pts is going to be huge for this team in the top 9. 3rd line has 2 very solid two way player in sutter and hansen both of who can shoot the puck but not very good playmakers that's where Baer comes in to be the main set up guy for those 2 and hansen forechecking is amazing will create alot of turnovers. This line has the combo to match up against anyone and also produce unless they wanna go all out defensive first Burr sutter hansen is our shutdown guys and here is hoping burr comes back strong which I believe he will, last year he looked way off must be some minor injuries that cause for being slower and less aggressive because he's a heart and soul guy I believe he's coming back with a good year 30-40 pts 15-20 goals shutting down ppl and playing tough minutes wherever he's needed.
  2. It's for grown men in the nhl who's gotta deal with 3 periods a game I know thanks for reminding us all man some people are so smart on here
  3. Sbisa is a very solid player with lots of upside he just hasn't put it together on a game to game bases, but if he can change his approach be more aggressive on his rushes and trail the play he can be a very solid 2 way dmen who's not afraid to hit and will stand up for his teammates I would love to see 1 more full season I believe he's going to surprise everyone this year and we need his physical presence on the 3rd pairing he's got the talent just not so much on the passing.
  4. I believe he still has some untapped potential playmaking skills he showed in Jr and alittle bit his first 2 years in the nhl and that one timer of his is an absolute beauty that needs to be used more on the pp I would love to see a pp unit like this Sedin sedin Eriksson Elder horvat good defensively can rush the puck up ice has a good shot and playmaking ability from the backend since elder can't hit the net with one timers let horvat have a shot at it we might be amaze how this could change the dynamic of our pp getting pucks around net area with Eriksson that guys a beast in front always in good position for tip in tap in.. JB TL I hope you guys see this and tell willy to try this lineup out. 2nd pp Baer sutter Virt Larson Hutton
  5. My expectations for him is well in reach with his skill level and he has shown it and I really hope he will exceed my expectations then we really got the franchise 1C everyone looking for and 29 other GM wished they had Very excited about gudbranson hoping he's a better version of Robyn Regehr with better speed and mobility we are gonna love this trade... People thinking we should trade Hutton right now is a bad idea he's just getting started give him a 1-2 years to really show if he can bring an aggressive edge to his game playing with gudbranson he's gonna do things he's never done and gudbranson will learn to from Hutton as well...upping his physicality will really bring his value because we all can see he's offensively gifted a better version of erhoff cause that dude was a chicken #^£% and would only fight his own battles yet then his teammates were doing for him but he would never do the same for them that's the kind of players I don't ever want to see on this team ever again it was disgraceful to watch no matter how much pts he put up in the reg season he was very very soft.
  6. Horvat is a future 1C if you can't see potential the kid has high iq, good speed, good shot, good passing, good defensively, great stick handling, great face-off, very mature hard working and his end to end rush that's not something alot of players in this league can do he's already a leader who thrives in big games ...Improves on those good and it becomes great he's gonna be 1C sooner rather than later, but if we somehow find someone who's even better than him at C we will be contenders year after year...this kid is the real deal he has a mix of Toews and Zetterberg in him and that's got 1C writen all over him...he's the best prospect we've had since the sedins Bo Horvat 1C by 2018-2019season My expectation for next season 50-60pts.
  7. That would be awesome if we could keep both Virt and boeser I'd be more than willing to give up anyone except for horvat and juolevi. But tanev is a big part of our team trading him for a foward would really set us back further. Unless we go for gold tanev virtanen 1st for barrie and landeskog that would help us a big deal with gudbranson I expect a bigger physical tanev but for sure lacks the poise tanev has.. Sorry for all the hate cause I put boeser in trade talks but it's fun to discuss possibility what the GM might not instead of being so serious and negative nothing in this world is for sure if it was we all be rich without a doubt.
  8. We are too good to be in the top 10 lottery picks for the next decade unless you don't see this team actually contending in the next 2-3 years and COULD BE has resulted in alot of disappointment when u can get a sure all star in our lineup oppose to boeser who's 2-3 years from making ANY kind of real impact unless you believe he's gonna get over 50 pts his first year? And the other 2 1st rounders they probably become middle 6 players or 4th liners which JB can pick up with college free agents so y over value something that u gotta hope and wait for 5 + years for unless u really believe this team is going to be garbage for the next 2 years? When you can get someone to have a chance at a cup while we still got the twins u do it...see y Dallas traded Jarome Iginla for Joe Nieuwendyk when clearly they knew Iginla is better long term, but also realize they have a chance at the cup while Joe still can play that was a one for one giving up 1 or 2 1st rounders with boeser because landeskog isn't 10 years older than boeser Boeser is more gifted offensively and probably has better work ethic than Virtanen that's y many would prefer to trade Virtanen, but virtanen has the skillset we desperately need to compete with the western big boys, his speed and hitting is something to that can big a difference in a close right playoff series and I do not believe boeser has that Pavel Bure game breaker offensive skills to call him untouchable or even over valuing a player who hasn't played a game just my opinion no one has to get a mad about it cause it's a topic to disuss and I don't believe they trade landeskog unless they planning to use that money to sign others or retool or they decided this is mackinnon team and want to give him the C which we have seen many teams do in the past when they want to take the C and give it to someone else they trade them!
  9. If the Avs would take boeser and 1st rounder for landeskog u do the trade asap but then that won't even be enough and it's funny how some ppl on here think a blue chip prospect is untouchable when your getting an all star caliber nhl 1st line lw that's only 23.. even if we offered them boeser and 2 1st rounder they might not even do the deal so get real that we think boeser is anywhere good enough to get guess if they want something from us it would be bo horvat almost a 1 for 1 trade but I'll pass on that anyone but horvat to get landeskog we must really consider it.
  10. Virtanen will stay in the nhl his skating, hitting and shot is above nhl avg and he showed near the end of the year he can play in the big league but is he ready for a middle 6 role full time it's uo to this summer how much he improves his endurance and his willingness to crash the net hard and battle in front...I'm expecting him to get 10-15 goals and 15-20 assist getting 30 pts is a good year from him..anything more he's going to be a good fast. Would like him to start the year with burrows and sutter it's gonna be a huge year playing with 2 good leaders who's defensively responsible and it would almost make him the top offensive player on the line as he learns defensively and play in the dirty areas which burrows is very good at.
  11. I expect him to make all the doubters who said he's only at best 2c to show he is a true future 1c JB and TL knows he's the real deal if we somehow got a better center then we are in position to contend year after year when sedins are gone or maybe 3rd liners by then I believe they can play into their early 40s and still put up 35-50 pts is great they play with their heads so their speed doesn't depreciate as much we could see something like jagr if they are motivated to keep at it every summer...I wish they play till 45 and don't matter how much pts they get they will contribute to this organization in a big way..I want them to hoist the CUP!!!
  12. 12. Demo in the ahl (potential future #1) 13. Boeser in college ( potential top 6 rw) 14. Juolevi in chl or maybe nhl(potential top 3 dmen) Awesome year coming up not only we compete for playoff spots but will have the potential to win the first round
  13. Mark my word tkachuk ànd virtanen will go at it for many years to come gonna be a great battle of pwf luck virtanen gonna get him first with his great speed and superior hitting. As for the better fighter we shall see
  14. Dorsett,5rd for Kane that's beyond fair