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  1. 4-2 Canucks with an empty netter at the end.... Huggy with a couple apples and Brock with a couple snipes I can't see Minny beating Markstrom 3 times this series if he's playing as well as he has all year. Lets go boys!!
  2. my prediction is, we beat Minny in 4 games.. and go on to lose to Colorado in game 6 of the third round but im just excited to watch hockey again, and this experience will be valuable for all of our young core players, win or lose..!
  3. Reminds me of the talks before training camp, for the actual start of the season back in September... everybody was 'reporting' that Jake was having a poor camp and he was out of shape and this and that, it feels like he will always have this microscope on him from the media, since he is a local boy and 6th overall pick. He ended up having a pretty solid year and showed signs of improvement and that he could become a consistent NHL player in his prime, our GM has had plenty of patience for him throughout the past 4 or 5 years and I cant honestly see them giving up on Jake unless there is a trade offer they cant refuse on the table. Just my opinion.
  4. Too bad he could never make the jump to the NHL.. never brought anything else to the table and didn't play with enough intensity when he was called up... Utica loves the guy though, and he was an absolute beauty in the AHL, scoring that much in one of the hardest league in the world is nothing to be ashamed about. Best of luck with your future Reid!
  5. I saw that they believe the west hub city will be in Vegas... which doesn't make sense to me. Vancouver should be near the top of considerations, if not the best option... not even cause im a homer, lol. We got lucky with a relatively low amount of cases here. Compared to Vegas its 10x lower I believe. Oh and we don't have a country full of unrest and protests, and a admin that is re-opening way too fast... Just my .02
  6. from the description ..... "Dan Murphy, Iain MacIntyre and Satiar Shah break down what went wrong between the Canucks brass and Judd Brackett, and what it will mean if he leaves the organization." Really hope this is just the usual media drivel, lol. Would hate to see him go!
  7. Some respect for the Canucks, from a respectable elite Canadian player, from a respectable Canadian franchise..
  8. I know as much as the next guy, but Tanev really strikes me as the guy that would take a nice discount to stay with his 'home-town' team. Obviously it's a guess and it might be foolish but I hope JB can find a way to keep all 3.. Huggy Bear is always talking about Tanev and how much he loves him.
  9. When all is said and done I could see Petey and Quinn both being top 5..
  10. I was there for 2nd final game against Vegas I think, amazing atmosphere, I can only imagine what it was like during that game, and with such a perfect storyline as-well. And the picture.. wow. That is legit amazing! Thanks for sharing
  11. Thanks for sharing that, was a great game. Too bad Marchand had that scum-bag cheap shot on Salo. Forgot about that... Also, we were on long PP's for a-lot of that video. Maybe if the refs in the finals had been tough on Boston like that night it would of been a different story... but i digress.
  12. Saw some people posting about games from before 2010, and game's that they saw live, so I figured I'd update the Op and will add it to this discussion.. What was the first game, and the best game you've been to? - The first game was in Tampa Bay in 2012. Was on vacation at the time, tickets were dirt cheap. Quite the game, that ended with us on top in the shoot-out. Highlights for anyone curious! Best game attended - I've been blessed to go to 30+ games in the past 9 years.. alot of them were great games.. but it was an easy choice.. I picked because the whole game had a vibe to it - the next Vancouver super-star has arrived. You could feel the excitement, and the standing ovation gave me chills. I'm glad I was apart of it. What was the best game before 2010? This one I am limited on, as I am born in the late 90's haha but the Dallas game 7, where Henrik scored is a classic to me
  13. It was the most stressful game and series for the Canucks ever. From the high after Game 3 to the feeling in the city after Game 6.. it was do or die for alot of Canucks coaching and management, players, etc.. That Luongo save on Sharp in OT, felt like it was going in 1000fps slow motion.. To lose from 3-0 up, It could of been a huge stain on our franchise... but it turned into one of our most memorable victories. I loved that game. Watching that live was nothing short of amazing. Miss Salo and his ability to just rip the puck into the right area.