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  1. i agree, hes actually been noticeable this game - hes usually invisible in a canucks jersey
  2. now thats the bartkowski we all know and love!
  3. Well considering the current state of the lottery system, any team outside of the playoffs can (and will) move up to the top 3. As evidenced by last Draft Lottery. So I hope we don't have a tire-fire of a season like Colorado last season only to end up with the 4th overall, and we can remain in the playoff race until around mid-season. I could see this current Canucks roster finishing anywhere between 5-10th lowest points in the league.
  4. Wow, JB is really looking good for his age! Lol
  5. Who i think will make it out of that group: Gaunce, Rodin, Dorsett Who i want to make it out of that group: Boeser, Gaunce, Virtanen
  6. Love the optimism, but cant see the team scoring 302 goals next year
  7. I could see Holm, McEneny being the likely dark horse this year. Rodin if he can stay healthy. Maybe Subban if he proves he can defend at an NHL level? Guess we'll just have to wait and see haha.
  8. Chatfield again. Like Rathbone and Gunnarson too. s
  9. Chatfield. Looked good at dev camp
  10. Picked Goldobin as I think he could really put it together under Green. And not get benched after scoring a goal (lol). We've already seen what he can do offensively. A full year with the Sedins and he could be dynamite.
  11. not sure if this has been posted already, but his 2015-2016 highlights are awesome.. some of his passing is absolutely insane.
  12. whatever happens, i hope Linden is still our president when we finally win one
  13. crossing my fingers we finish top 2! we need one of those guys bad
  14. we still have his rights until 2022 and he only signed 1 year contract in the K so he still could be
  15. Nice, Hank on fire with 6 points in his past 3! Right in time for the playoffs, lets go boys! Oh wait.. shoot