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  1. Who's to say Brock would be over a point a game right now if he had played those first 2 games? Maybe management made the right call to give him some rest. Whatever the case I'm just happy to watch this kid develop. Haven't been this excited for games in maybe a couple of years
  2. Sedin-Sedin-Granny Eriksson-Horvat-Boeser Baerstchi-Gagner-Vanek Burmistrov-Sutter-Dorsett
  3. Agree for the most part, though they need more patience when the puck is on their stick. Canucks could have easily won the past 2 games if they could hit the net more often.
  4. I find it funny that Penguins fans would write that 23 year old Derrick Pouliot was the 'worst player in the NHL' when 24/25 year old Justin Schultz was considered the same before being traded to Pitt. Even the TSN guys were calling Schultz the worst player on national television. My point is that every one of these players can turn it around and at 23, Pouliot has plenty of time to do so. Lets all hope that he does and really finds his stride here. Great trade IMO Benning, one day your work will be recognized, understood and appreciated.
  5. Sweet! Cheers for sharing Looking forward to seeing what he can do
  6. Probably. If Freddy doesnt make it Dougie might ask for another trade
  7. i agree, hes actually been noticeable this game - hes usually invisible in a canucks jersey
  8. now thats the bartkowski we all know and love!
  9. Well considering the current state of the lottery system, any team outside of the playoffs can (and will) move up to the top 3. As evidenced by last Draft Lottery. So I hope we don't have a tire-fire of a season like Colorado last season only to end up with the 4th overall, and we can remain in the playoff race until around mid-season. I could see this current Canucks roster finishing anywhere between 5-10th lowest points in the league.
  10. Wow, JB is really looking good for his age! Lol
  11. Who i think will make it out of that group: Gaunce, Rodin, Dorsett Who i want to make it out of that group: Boeser, Gaunce, Virtanen
  12. Love the optimism, but cant see the team scoring 302 goals next year
  13. I could see Holm, McEneny being the likely dark horse this year. Rodin if he can stay healthy. Maybe Subban if he proves he can defend at an NHL level? Guess we'll just have to wait and see haha.
  14. Chatfield again. Like Rathbone and Gunnarson too. s
  15. Chatfield. Looked good at dev camp