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  1. That would be "Horace and Pete" by Paul "Rhymin" Simon. You can't go wrong there!
  2. A blessing for some of us. They're 0-5 all-time (0-7 including games before I was born) on my birthday. And my birthday always falls on playoff season.
  3. You're absolutely right. I believe his statistics rank him as one of the greatest goalies in our franchise's history. He had some excellent regular season performances. As for the playoffs in the WCE era, I have concluded that the team was not adequately prepared on a number of fronts; he under performed and lacked the ability to make that big timely save (a la Luongo on Stu Barnes in G7 of the 2007 WCQF vs. Dallas or on Sharp in G7 OT of the 2011 WCQF vs. Chicago) but you can't put a series loss on one guy. I knew someone who played goal who met Cloutier and said he was really nice and offered tips. The memory that stands out in my mind is when he was injured in Game 3 of the WCQF versus Calgary in April 2004. The play continued and he got himself in position to make one last save before the play stopped and he was taken out of the game (and, ultimately, the series). There were disappointments but also some great memories. Congrats to him!
  4. Excellent post OP. You have really done your homework. I wish I had something thoughtful to add. Point 4 certainly registered with me. We have entered the playoffs in preceding years (2012, 2013) with even stronger teams (i.e. with franchise players in their prime) and were still starved offensively. We can definitely reconsider the 'conventional' wisdom that a solid defensive core is paramount. I also appreciated the points about Bonino. Congratulations to him and the Pens, btw!
  5. As do I! From his appearance on Columbo in 1974:
  6. Positive: the tank continues Negative: is this our longest losing streak since that December 2008-January 2009 drought that Burrows snapped with the late game shorty against the Canes? I think that one spanned about 10 games.
  7. Love the TP and the Heartbreakers reference.
  8. Thanks for the post. This is great to see. Nicely done!
  9. I'm really not averse to Kesler winning a cup. He's had two excellent runs and is deserving.
  10. These comments maybe weren't very well thought out but I agree with the previous poster who said this wasn't really an interview. It's unfortunate that people are jumping to the conclusion that his "poor attitude" is well known and this is the reason he was not moved at the deadline. From what I have gleaned, he is a class act and someone I've really enjoyed having (despite this massively disappointing showing from him this season). I respect your views and know you're coming from a place of sincerity but I wholeheartedly agree that fans are quick to turn or just have a tendency to overreact. I can definitely relate (i.e. doing the right things but making the wrong comment when things go sour; it doesn't warrant this kind of negativity). Let's move on and hope for the best!
  11. You said it, brother. Peanuts when you consider what has been directed at him and Henrik throughout their careers. We'll remember him well.
  12. Nice block by Tanev at the end to seal it; way to take one for the team!
  13. We'll take this one and move on.
  14. Nice work OP. Best wishes to Dan for a quick, blissful recovery.