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  1. Will we re-sign Vrbata?

    Fair enough. I can concede that point you elected to focus on; perhaps my assessment of that quote was not correct and a little unfair. Still, this was ultimately meant to be a positive post and I believe it sufficiently communicated that I did not easily acquiesce when it came to others' opinions.
  2. Will we re-sign Vrbata?

    Though this question was essentially answered at the outset of the offseason, I still can't help but pore over these threads in anticipation of what people have to say about Vrbata. It seems strange but I think I can explain why this is. I have a friend who loves the Canucks to death. I still remember sending her a comforting message the night they lost Game 7 to the Bruins in 2011. It helped to ease her tears and remains one of our favourite memories in the eight years we have known each other and followed this team. I remember her telling me during the 2014-15 season that Vrbata was her favourite player. He was also my favourite that year. It was a big comeback season after the Tortorella debacle (U2: "everything I ever lost now has been returned") and, technically, one of our most successful. Despite being ousted in the first round, the Canucks collected 100 points for just the ninth time in franchise history. Apart from his great snipes and shootout goals, Vrbata also seemed like a quality guy. I still remember defending him earlier this season when some of you (very understandably, by the way) took exception to his comments about not having supportive linemates; in hindsight, I can see that his comments were illustrative of his poor attitude. I think the earlier post about some fans treating former players like ex-girlfriends whom they still have feelings for is relevant here. I'm sure we all get attached to former players or lay awake wondering what could have been sometimes. I'm not certain if this is the last word on Vrbata but I would like to say that I really enjoyed having him and last season was a very special one. It is, of course, time to move on but I also like to take the time to remember the good, just as I did when I was comforting my friend some years ago.
  3. Loui Eriksson on Soundcloud

    That would be "Horace and Pete" by Paul "Rhymin" Simon. You can't go wrong there!
  4. [Report] Canucks announce 2016-17 schedule

    A blessing for some of us. They're 0-5 all-time (0-7 including games before I was born) on my birthday. And my birthday always falls on playoff season.
  5. [Press Release] Canucks name Dan Cloutier goalie coach

    You're absolutely right. I believe his statistics rank him as one of the greatest goalies in our franchise's history. He had some excellent regular season performances. As for the playoffs in the WCE era, I have concluded that the team was not adequately prepared on a number of fronts; he under performed and lacked the ability to make that big timely save (a la Luongo on Stu Barnes in G7 of the 2007 WCQF vs. Dallas or on Sharp in G7 OT of the 2011 WCQF vs. Chicago) but you can't put a series loss on one guy. I knew someone who played goal who met Cloutier and said he was really nice and offered tips. The memory that stands out in my mind is when he was injured in Game 3 of the WCQF versus Calgary in April 2004. The play continued and he got himself in position to make one last save before the play stopped and he was taken out of the game (and, ultimately, the series). There were disappointments but also some great memories. Congrats to him!
  6. Excellent post OP. You have really done your homework. I wish I had something thoughtful to add. Point 4 certainly registered with me. We have entered the playoffs in preceding years (2012, 2013) with even stronger teams (i.e. with franchise players in their prime) and were still starved offensively. We can definitely reconsider the 'conventional' wisdom that a solid defensive core is paramount. I also appreciated the points about Bonino. Congratulations to him and the Pens, btw!
  7. As do I! From his appearance on Columbo in 1974:
  8. I had a good laugh at your rationale for the lack of hats. Juice would be proud of this quip. 

    1. nux4lyfe


      lol, Glad you got a chuckle, cheers man!

  9. (Temp GDT)Canucks vs Flames 6pm SNET-P

    Haha, nice. Has anyone ever won that? I don't recall anyone scoring 5 times in recent memory. Daniel potted four in February 2004 vs the Wings and Nazzy had four against Pittsburgh in December 2003 (the game where it appeared that backup Chris Levesque from UBC would see some action) but I don't believe anyone has scored five from the WCE era onward. That's probably around the time they started this contest, as Sportsnet came in 99.
  10. Niederreiter's hit on Burrows

    I squealed as I read this. Too good. I hope Burrows is alright.
  11. I noticed you joined the forum on May 7th, 2003. That was my fourteenth birthday and I remember the Canucks lost 5-1 to Minnesota in game 6 of the Western Conference Semifinals. I do not mean to dwell on bad times but I presume you vented your frustration that evening? Happy new year!

  12. No problem! I have been through some really tough times myself so I know how much it can help just having someone to talk to. You can always just shoot me and email at canucksfan2020@hotmail.com and my name is Curtis. Have a good day! =)

  13. Hi. Thank you for offering to help with regard to my anxiety. It is greatly appreciated.

  14. Hey!

    I appreciate you offering me help, maybe we should discuss via e-mail. Feel free to email me at twelve22.pham@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you

  15. Hey man. I really enjoyed your piece on Ryan Kesler. That was a great read. As aforementioned, minor editing is the only real concern. If you would like me to have a peak at your weekly output and make revisions, I would be happy to help!