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  1. That's right. Milan Hejduk was the notorious "Canuck killer"  
  2. "Chippin' away! Little by little, day by day" (CSN&Y) Translation: it could happen but probably next year
  3. Agreed. If it was so offensive to warrant comment off the ice, the best course would be to let it go. One need only invoke the Bertuzzi incident to appreciate that this should be put to rest. 
  4. I had a good laugh at your rationale for the lack of hats. Juice would be proud of this quip. 

    1. nux4lyfe

      lol, Glad you got a chuckle, cheers man!

  5. Benning says Sedins will retire as Canucks

    That's insane, that's just ignorance. Kind of like people who put down the Beatles. You probe further and it turns out they have never even listened to them, lol. 
  6. Ex Canuck Weise On Fire

    No worries man, I hear you. Thanks for reaching out. I personally liked Booth as well, even though his play did not really accord with our expectations. He seemed to harbour this belief that he could not err; though understanding that his comments and conduct could potentially offend others (e.g. the bear hunting), he was ultimately unapologetic. It wasn't that he was arrogant; he just had this complete belief in himself (kind of like Tim Thomas). Owing to the fact that I was raised in a religious family, I had to admire his confidence and conviction. He did seem like a genuinely good person, as you mentioned. Also, my friend met Burr at a signing four years ago and thought he was great (he even did an extra signing for me, though I was not present!) The two of us saw Daniel leaving a movie in January (we deduced it was him by seeing his son and daughter) but we elected to leave him be with his family.  
  7. Ex Canuck Weise On Fire

    Fair enough. Maybe I'm biased because, according to CBC, part of his pre-game ritual in Montreal involved delivering a puck to a young fan. As for Burrows, can he really be described as a weirdo? I think that's a tad unfair.
  8. Ex Canuck Weise On Fire

    Agreed. I was always pleased with his play and demeanor. A nice fit for us during that transitioning period. Apart from the points (I believe he potted a couple goals in consecutive games versus Nashville), his highlight was fighting Nathan Horton in the first matchup between the Bruins and Canucks (Jan 7, 2012) following the 2011 SCF. Owing to the fact that the Canucks were then billed as a favourite to return to the SCF, I had a keen eye for what he brought to a strong contender. Anyway, moving on to the present, good for him. Let's see if he can keep it up!
  9. Wow! Higgins was BRUTAL

  10. I hear you. I'm away from Vancouver right now but the great play and vibe in the city has been infectious. I'm really feeling it and so excited to come home next week and catch some games, particularly the one against Ottawa. If memory serves, the Canucks were in the nation's capital on Remembrance Day in 2010 (I think there was a feature on the site last year that highlighted it). It will be neat to see them there again this year, though playing on the 12th. 
  11. Was surprised to see Vermette was back with the Yotes. And I had no idea Richardson was with them as well. 3-1 Canucks: McCann, Daniel, Vrby 
  12. [PGT] Vancouver 3-4 Dallas

    I hear you. Thanks for putting it into perspective. I didn't actually watch the game (I can get only the radio feed off the site) so I realize I should not be commenting. I just meant the result was frustrating, which lends weight to Deb's comment that some of us have a tendency to get too excited or perturbed based on the result of one game. I have no doubt the Canucks played well enough to win and Dallas undoubtedly caught some breaks. All in all, I'm pleased.
  13. [PGT] Vancouver 3-4 Dallas

    I've been following the Canucks outside of Vancouver. Despite being away from home, I'll always bleed blue and green. Ordinarily, individual losses do not get to me but this one was unacceptable. I am especially perturbed on this occasion because of Seguin's previous comments about the Sedins and Niemi's comments about the Canucks being lucky to move on to the SCF in 2011. And then there was the cheap shot on Henrik today. I know it may seem trivial but, boys, you've got to shut these guys up and put them in their place.  I absolutely love the Canucks but part of the reason they are so alluring after all these years is that their play seems to mirror my life: the nice guys who play by the rules (and are accountable when they do not) just get burned by insecure, spoiled, entitled people. The heavy hearted struggle so hard to survive but it was in their hands tonight: they proved they could be better. Seriously. Play the 60 minutes and get the W you deserve. There's no way it should have eluded them tonight. This is infuriating to the point where it warranted putting my studies aside to comment. On to the next one.
  14. [PGT] Canucks lose 2-1 in an OTL

    I'm following the Canucks from Seattle. Shorty invoked Patrick Stefan when he described Daniel's missed chance and said it was a must see. He wasn't kidding. That was a tough one. Definitely agree that they could be 5-0-1 right now. Let's get the next one!