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  1. Yes the Canucks by recently winning are hurting their "chances" of Austin Mathews. However, I am glad they have started the three team lottery draw process this year. Who knows, we may get a surprise or two with maybe even Detroit landing one of the top three picks. If you decided to draw all fourteen non playoff draft positions, how much would it really resemble the exact order of finish regardless who has a higher percentage. Maybe in the future, they should draw the top 5-6 - the worst teams still get the best odds but by drawing more, probably have a bit more random result, especially for the teams with close percentages. This would be good for teams to at least keep trying since we customers are still paying full price to watch their product. Btw, I think the Canucks will win three of the remaining four games to close out the year.
  2. I do not think it had anything to do with puck luck. I thought Calgary was better built for the playoffs than the Canucks because of the style of play they incorporate and their team play as a whole. It is not necessarily the most talented team that always wins (Pittsburgh) but those with the individual talent that also work collectively together as a team that seem to be more successful. - Overall, not a bad year at all - reached the playoffs after last year's debacle - hopefully, they can put 2-3 of their recent top picks on the bottom two lines and let them learn here next year. This team has had a good run the last decade and 3-5 year rebuild is expected. I hope JB can assemble the right mix of individuals that are talented enough especially to handle the rigours of Playoff Hockey which seems to differ more & more from regular season hockey each year.
  3. As many have said, this playoff / season was a year of evaluation and to make the playoffs. Pretty sure they have had countless meetings to decide on the path prior to the trading deadline and their decision to keep the team intact. Since they did not have their top player missing (like Nashville), I am sure these playoffs will now give JB a better reflection of their teams standing moving forward. It would not be a major overhaul but I do expect to see possibly several youngsters in the forward spots especially with Edmonton/ Calgary already in their youth movement. Their D still needs work and should be JB's first priority in the offseason - too much scrambling around in their own end and giving up leads even before today (Ottawa, LA) etc.
  4. Even the 23rd pick should be ok - there has been some excellent recent players drafted very late or not at all like Corey Perry or Jamie Benn. Our GM needs to evaluate carefully the team's needs and player's ability to handle the competitive playoff pressures as we witnessed this week and today.
  5. Certainly don't think it has to do with coaching. Teams just know how to play the Canucks now - is Calgary doing anything different than Boston, LA, or San Jose by boxing out and forcing the Canucks to drive to the net and get the dirty goals. Unless you are a Chicago (and possibly Edmonton in a few years) with an elite skill level, its those teams that can do that usually have some success. Best of luck to the Nucks tomorrow - just hope their do their best and continue to move forward whatever happens.
  6. The number of times Calgary has come back in the third period this year is truly remarkable - almost as if their plan is to stay close and save a bit of energy so they can put all the pressure on a tired opponent in the third. Canucks will need to adjust their strategy a bit moving forward if they want this series to continue - in the playoffs, they don't need to entertain - just win! Perhaps they want to box out for the first 2 periods and do the same in the third (eg. crash the net).
  7. WOW...speechless. Well at least they still have their first rounder (for now).
  8. As much as I want to make drastic changes, I will stop at that though and ask the coaches/ mgmt to see what is the true problem of why they cant hold leads. Are they confused by their D Assignments? -Are their certain players that appear to make the same mistakes over and over without improvement. If they keep doing the same mistakes over again, why are they even playing them - try someone else. I dont think the season is a write off just yet though getting close - they will need to win their remaining games against Dallas and Pheonix in regulation to even have a chance. I have never seen a team that has given more leads / lost third periods in a long long time. Regardless what happens, do NOT trade the first rounder.