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  1. There's a lesson in all of this. Next time Torts should just do what Patrick Roy did, try and mame a coach with the between benches glass. And please don't tell me it's two different things. Everyone in hockey, except the nhl brass, knows that Roy has the most explosive temper and is totally out of control at times. Oops, I forgot, Roy coaches an american team. MY MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. What a coach, and I mean that in a good way. Torts sticking up for his team is exactly what the doctor ordered. The bush league, that calls itself the nhl, will no doubt crucify HIM for his actions. So there's just one thing left to do. Someone needs to start a fund to pick up the tab that the nhl is going to assess HIM. Surely HE dosen't need the money, but what a way to show the bush league regulators that the whole city is behind him. Nothing more than say a loonie each from the fanbase. Have it set up with a bank. The TEAM would probably get a resurgence from knowing the whole town is behind HIM too.