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  1. Holy cow, it's been forever since I've checked in here :|

  2. January Wallpaper - Olympic Themed

    Wow, very nicely done. The effects and blends are very aesthetically pleasing
  3. Moose & Canucks FTW!

  4. Thanks so much! I did have a great time despite the loss :(

  5. Lol, I read your post in the Moose thread and just stopping by to wish you a Happy Birthday! Have a good time at the game!!!

  6. Hi Mighty Moose,

    thx for chosing me as a friend here. Wish you a happy new year 2009 !!

    Regards, Moose au Chocolat

  7. lol I was quite impressed....tis one of my favorite words :P

  8. I just looked at the comment I wrote you a few days ago, and I used the word 'blasphemy'?? Random...

  9. Hahah, Yeah.. Same with my parents.. Its either hockey stuff, Or clothes.. Im not really into electronics anymore, But they know if its my birthday, christmas, or whatveer occasion its always hockey stuff or Canucks stuff :) Its much better then buyying a 100$ Sweater.. ahahh... Umm, No Iv heard of that show, but Iv never watched it.. Tell me how it is if you watch it.. ;)

  10. Hhahah, Yeah, Dont worry, I havent started yet, And malls havent been that busy lately, probably because of the economy crisis.... Anything special you want this Christmas? Ahaha nd Twilght, yeahh, It is kind of like a Romance book, but not all of it, some parts can be really touching and sad and some are just like, what the hell, what is this got to do with the problem, you know... But its a good

  11. Yeah I actually like American Idol more than Candian. I just find it more entertaining and what not.. Twilight, Yeah, Im reading the book right now, Its pretty boring at some parts but im forcing myself! Yeah, I heard it was a horrible one from most of my friends, but who knows, Maybe thats not the type of movie they would like, Im gonna go watch it and see=] Have you done any christmas shoppi

  12. I know!! I thought I had my settings wrong but then I couldn't find you and I was like WTF.

  13. We weren't friends before?! :( Blasphemy!

  14. Hahah! Really? Well I mean I think she is the only one who the judges picked as their American Idol Winner who actually had that real voice... Plans? Umm, I think Im going to head out and see Twilight and Gunna head to the play called "A Christmas Carol"...=] Christmas Party?=] That sounds sweet=]