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  1. Kassian

    Nicklas Jensen | RW/LW

    Barring a catastrophe Jensen won't get a shot in the NHL this season.
  2. Kassian

    [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    Do you guys think Kekuhta Manneh will make the team?
  3. Kassian

    Peter Andersson Talk

    BTW, he's on twitter @pistolpiete
  4. Kassian

    Nicklas Jensen | RW/LW

    Jensen had 1-2 not 1-1. Had two assists and a goal today. Total (13-6-19)
  5. Kassian

    Frank Corrado | D

    Cheering against Canada because one of our prospects didn't picked is beyond extreme...you cheer for the Maple Leaf, not the name on the back of the sweater. Yikes.
  6. Kassian

    Frank Corrado | D

    Im just happy Dumba was cut. Sounds like in picking Wotherspoon they were looking for more size and physicallity. Great effort by Frankie. He'll prove em' wrong.
  7. Kassian

    Frank Corrado | D

    You can watch the game for free at fasthockey.com, just need to register. Pouliot-Corrado were the only calm and steady D Pair in that period. Corrado made some solid defensive plays and scored a goal off the rush, beat Brossoit with a hard wrister. Murphy, Reinhart and Dumba especially have been horrid.
  8. Kassian

    Patrick McNally | D

    I mean he could sign in Europe (Hansen joked Salzburg lol) but thats a longshot, long long long shot. Realistically now that I see he's ineligable for USHL I just see him looking for a university that'll take him and if worse comes to worse, he'll play for the K-Wings/Wolves
  9. Kassian

    Patrick McNally | D

    Yeah I would agree with juniors if he feels his hockey career is more important than education. I'd imagine he'd play in the USHL however as opposed to the CHL. I know the USHL has some amazing developmental programs, particularly Dubuqe. Just speculation.
  10. Kassian

    Frank Corrado | D

    Sudbury Wolves
  11. Kassian

    Zack Kassian Talk

    He had a good chance on the PP, but i'd say he was good for 2 periods, like the entire team.
  12. Kassian

    Brendan Gaunce Talk

    If the lockout is still effect by December, I don't see any chance he even gets an invite...considering the likes of RNH, Monahan, Jenner, Mcneill, Strome and Scheifle just to name a few that'd be present. I mean, regardless of a lockout or not there's still a slim chance he'd make the team.
  13. Kassian

    Nicklas Jensen | RW/LW

    Jensen picked up 1 assist today in AIK's 2-0 victory over Sundsvall in his first game with them
  14. RIP Rick, you will never be forgotten by me or anyone else. God bless.