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  1. I didn't see that.. so I'm only going off what I've seen so far
  2. No penalty. and for being burrows. I think they called roughing.
  3. Not the best.. favours the home team at this time. a lot of easily callable penalties that haven't been called.
  4. I'm not surprised the Devils have such a good home record.. easy to keep the momentum when you never have to kill a penalty.. come on refs
  5. So burrows chirps someone, gets grabbed from behind.. and still gets a penalty?
  6. Rewinding the TV and looking.. hard to see if it's clean or not.. atleast a charge.
  7. Yelled "SHOOT IT!!!" at the TV... and would you look what happenned.
  8. Sutter Daniel Hutton Henrik Eriksson Larsen Horvat bear Stecher Gaunce?
  9. Suter pushes Sutter, Kuemper initiates contact. should be a good goal. Andddddddd the canucks curse continues.
  10. Is it just me or does Colorado get away with a lot of slashes, hooks and holds?
  11. Tip and a perfect screen? ok