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  1. I'm generally very optimistic when it comes to any game, but with that depleted line up.. id realistically go with 4-0 sharks, or Miller plays out of this world and we scrape a 2-1 win.
  2. Too many passes. Just shoot it for goodness sake.
  3. Imagine how good bo is going to be in his prime..
  4. So many odd man rushes.. I blame the NHL schedulers. Who makes a team travel across 3 time zones, gives them a day rest, then give them a back to back.
  5. Doesn't pull Miller. Doesn't take a time out. Coach of the year. Edit: Now he looks good. Dammit.
  6. Thank God they got that one. Hell of a period and deserved a goal.
  7. I'm confused.. but ok with it.
  8. Wouldn't the blocker being jabbed at repeatedly constitute as GI?
  9. I see.. we need to just be 4 on 4 all game.
  10. How can you call that a trip?
  11. Holy $&!#! We won a challenge!
  12. How does the PP coach still have a job.
  13. Good pushback by the canucks, not letting them get the momentum.