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  1. Yakupov looked terrified. I don't blame him.
  2. Oh the contrary. Gonna get me hands on some fake stuff in China
  3. Thank you. Shouldn't be, as long as trump doesn't start messing around with China while we are sailing around that area haha
  4. Canucks win tonight.. go on to win all remaining games.. miss playoffs by 4 points, pick 13th overall.. All seriousness.. Canucks win 3-1. We will be mathematically eliminated in a few days. I for one would like I win.. seeing as this will be the last canucks game I will get to watch.. well.. hockey in general as I am deploying for 5 months tomorrow. GCG!
  5. With the exception of Colorado, all the other teams below us won.. therefore this win means nothing in the standings as we are exactly where we were. So yay for winning!
  6. 66 points! Take that experts!
  7. That 2nd unit was a lovely glimpse of the future. Can't wait to see what this team will be in 3 years.
  8. I'm generally very optimistic when it comes to any game, but with that depleted line up.. id realistically go with 4-0 sharks, or Miller plays out of this world and we scrape a 2-1 win.
  9. Too many passes. Just shoot it for goodness sake.