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  1. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Thanks for you condescenion but who says i blindly listen to what cdc says? I guess it depends what you expected of him. I had him being a lot more influential in the outcome of the games and the bulls were at least expected to be a decent team. It wouldve taken him a couple more years even if he had a stellar season imo. Sure, he could improve over the course of the season, but his recent play shows that CDCers who expected him to join as soon as next year just bc he was physically ready were probably wrong.
  2. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Yeah... it's not looking too good for those people who claimed Gaunce will make the NHL as soon as next year. Looks like he's going to need some more time.
  3. Evan McEneny | D

    Edler Garrison Connauton Tanev McEneny LaBate Wouldn't it be cool if all these unheralded picks/signing developed to solidify our D.
  4. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    From the scouts and so-called experts, Brendan Gaunce's ceiling is a second line centre that can chip in 50-60pt a season while playing solid defensive game (a la Kesler). His projection is a third line centre who can chip in 35-45 pts a season while playing gritty shutdown role. His floor would be a fourth line centre playing limited minutes. I think he fits well with where this team is headed in the near future. But I think the organization is intent on using Jensen as a top 6 forward, and will be relied upon to do the scoring. He will get more offensive zone starts and shifts with offensive players.
  5. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Adding Jensen and Kassian to our top 9 will create quite a log jam of players. Daniel Henrik ________ Booth Kesler ________ Higgins _____ _______ ______ ______ ________ Insert: Burrows, Raymond, Kassian, Jensen, Hansen, Malhotra, Lapierre, Weise... all who are signed one way deals. Schroeder really should make the team this year barring any meltdown. Pinizzotto looked poised to crack the roster. Ebbett is serviceable. Add in possibility of a new acquisition via Luongo trade or maybe even Doan. It will be an interesting camp indeed.
  6. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    Ok, name me a third line C who plays 20 minutes a game.
  7. Joe Cannata Talk

    Looks like he's a good young goalie, but still has much seasoning to do. I like how he is always square to the puck and tries to be big on the shooters. He tracks the puck well, but I think he's lateral movements need to be worked on. Watching him reminds me how awesome Luongo and Schneider is in efficiently moving around the crease. Looks like a solid prospect.
  8. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    What are you saying... Are you seriously trying to say that Kesler should be a third line centre and somehow he still gets 20 minutes a game? What do you mean stop being sucked into the numbers attached to the line.... it's there for a reason. There's 60 minutes in a game. Explain to me how you give third line 20 minutes a game. Or... do you just mean that Kesler should play 20 minutes a game, but we will just "call" it the third line? Ok. call it 4th line for all i care.
  9. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    We tried putting Schroeder on the wing in his first year in AHL. Failed experiment. If Schroeder is going to be in the NHL, it will be as a centre. Also, Kesler shouldn't be used as a third liner... He's a Selke winner getting 5M a year. We can't afford to play him 13-15 minutes a game.
  10. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Well we have too many roster players. Jensen needs to play more minutes than he would if he's on the team, and playing 18 minutes a night is not a guarantee. He is only 19 and has more room to develop. Biggest reason for supporting his move to SEL is his ELC won't count because NHL's deal with SEL ran out. So there is a "loophole" if you will now and we can have Jensen on a cheap ELC contract for at least one more year. That would go a long ways to alleviating our cap troubles later down the road to have a contending team.
  11. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    I agree - MG said at the Summer Summit that Schroeder will be given every opportunity to take that 2C job while Kesler is out. Hopefully he can do enough good things to have a place for him on the 3C when Kes comes back. He's heard good thiings about his defensive game from McT and AV, so he's definitely improved on that end. I just hope he is quick and solid on his skates so he doesn't get rocked by someone.... Not so sure about Sweatt - he's projected to be a 3rd line checking forward as his upside. Not sure if he can beat Hansen or Higgins on that line. Would love to see what he can do with his speed though at the camp.
  12. Alex Friesen Talk

    Considering he's an over-ager playing his 5th season in the juniors against boys in a stacked team, his numbers are not that impressive. IF he makes NHL, he would be one of the smallest guys. Not much upside here.
  13. Rumors

    no the last time i talked to him, he liked it in washington. and he told me to stop posting baseless rumors.
  14. Alexandre Grenier | RW

    No, I think Jensen is kind of a project. It's just that his project carries a much bigger upside.
  15. Canucks Memes