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  1. compete - take part in a contest. They are competing and do every game. Do they always play their best? No. I get tired of people misusing 'compete' as the latest buzzword in sports. The very fact that someone is playing the game means they are competing.
  2. I think Canuck Place is awesome, however, I won't be doing this again. Last time I did it in the playoffs, I got non-stop emails, etc. from them. I unsubscribed to their pushy emails, yet EVERY SINGLE ONE was 'a new campaign' and I had to unsubscribe every single time. That was no bloody help, and I finally had to send more than one very firm email to them letting them know I did not WANT any emails, and I would donate when I could / wanted to.
  3. I hadn't seen the Bonino one before. It's great; actually I like it better than Sedinery.
  4. I like Cheech and Shorty. Doesn't Jim H usually come with Craig Simpson? I don't mind CS, but he does crap on the Canucks a lot. Also, I find his voice difficult to hear over the ice noise (hearing aid).
  5. I hope the Canucks will take it before 7 games, but I'm excited for the series. I'd rather play Calgary than LA any day, and it certainly beats travel to Minny or somewhere far. I was thrilled to see LA knocked out, and cheered like mad for all Canadian teams (except TO, of course). Now, if Boston doesn't make it to the playoffs, my life will be complete. Go, Canucks, Go!
  6. quote - It's crazy how little respect the Sedins get around the league. I'm always amazed at how little respect they get from their own so-called FANS. Poster above is correct though; we will miss them when they are gone. Yes, maybe they are getting a bit slower, but doesn't every player?
  7. I think Torts should be given a chance for another year. Between injuries and Gillis, he didn't have much of a chance this year. I find him a refreshing change.