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  1. Watching the USA's response to Coronavirus makes me feel a little happier to be a Canadian

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      You mean to tell me you haven't injected bleach yet,well Mr Trump wants to kill as many of his citizens as possible it seems.

      Those masked armed people good people on both sides also give it such a down home good feeling am I right.


      That country is just so broken because of the NINCOMPOOP they have as president.

    3. Roberts


      @DADDYROCK trump never said that


      ok fine he said it but he didn't mean it


      ok he meant it but it could have worked


      ok it couldn't have worked but hes not responsible

    4. Coconuts


      Just a little?

  2. Make-Me-Laffs Maple Laughs Make-Beliefs Top Money Losers Too Much Losing Any other ones I'm missing?
  3. Screw it, keep voting for him. If he wins, his agent can use it as leverage to argue for higher pay, which will lead to a slightly bigger cap hit for the Kings down the road.
  4. Yep. This sounds like goddamn Leafs hockey. I don't want to keep seeing this team resort to Leafs hockey.
  5. There's some sad irony about Schneider committing to the Devils just to see his career go straight to hell.
  6. All this Calder talk about Hughes and Makar is overshadowing the fact that Ilya Samsonov is dominating the net in Washington. It's not even a contest between him and Holtby.

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    2. shiznak


      What about Kubalik?


      Dude is on pace for 35+ goals and 50+ points.

    3. Phil_314


      Tough to get into the conversation when the race is paced by two defensemen scoring at historic rates (they're mentioned in the same breath as Housley, Lidstrom, Mark Howe, Leetch and Chelios when it comes to their careers' starts).  

      Also don't forget, Calder is a media voted category, and strictly going by how Petey was the runaway favorite and I doubt it got close between him/ Dahlin/ Binnington, I doubt it would be close after Makar/ Hughes given the fanfare these two have enjoyed.  Kubalik and Olofsson, being 7th rounders (who are achieving solid seasons, don't get me wrong) may be easier to get lost in the mix.

    4. Alflives


      Is this not a Canucks board?  Trolls leave, and go promote your players on your teams’ boards.



  7. I honestly don't get what the Stars' deal is. Benn and Seguin are currently a worse offensive first line than Horvat and Pearson are as a two-way second line

    1. Gäz


      Wow, Benn's numbers are brutal.

  8. Best wishes, Tanev! You kept me invested in this team when I had every reason to walk away. Hope you get another shot at a cup, preferably with this new wave
  9. Although not quite on the same scale, I understand to some degree what you're enduring. My only relationship happened for six months last year, and like you, I had a girlfriend who spent most of her adulthood in a terrible emotional mindset, willing to ignore people who actually had her back while caving to people who gaslit, bullied, and manipulated her (take a wild guess what kind of people her parents were). Also, like you, I truly believed that with the right amount of love and support, I could finally get her to see that she was equal to me and that a happy life was possible for us. But I was wearing rose-coloured glasses the whole time, and I did not see her negative words and behaviors with the same clarity I do now. Everybody close to me sensed that trouble was coming, despite still being supportive of me. But I refused to leave her at many points where it would have been perfectly justifiable, and by the end, when she broke up with me for the second time, I ended up resenting her and her racist, elitist parents equally. My advice to you is to not waste time and just end things with a clear and simple explanation of her flaws leading you to this choice, and don't communicate with her anymore. She should have at least one other person on her side to talk with, or she can go to therapy like you did, but you should no longer be her shoulder to cry on. Many people tend not to change for the better until life punishes them harshly enough, which is something I'm still living through myself. Self-worth is not something someone hands you on a platter, it's something you have to build with your own two hands. It will be agonizing for a long while, but you have to protect yourself first, and when you've spent enough time single and being at peace with who you are and what you need, look for someone with that same positivity and focus on fulfillment.
  10. I remember the days when he was brought up as a potential Sedin linemate around our forum. How the times change
  11. My reaction to all of the new signings:


  12. I don't think he'll necessarily be used like a top pairing guy. More like Myers will be trusted to take on some of Tanev's workload while getting offensive opportunities. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be. I firmly believe Tanev has been injured so often precisely because he is playing too many hard defensive minutes on a team that has struggled with cleanly driving the play to the offensive zone, and no other RD can be safely trusted with that responsibility. Adding some quality help could change that. Granted, it doesn't have to be Myers, it just has to be good enough.
  13. I imagine this is the Islanders' front office right now. Not a bad deal, even in a down year for Eberle. If he stays a consistent 50 point guy, they can consider it a steal
  14. Saw a recap of Undertaker vs Goldberg the other God, it was so brutal to watch them almost kill each other with botched moves. WWE deserves to go out of business.

    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      Goldberg ended the career of Brett Hart with a botched move.  All brawn and no brains.