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  1. Sometimes I wish I could win the next big national lottery and simply buy my way into full control over the NHL series so I could delay the next edition for one full year and enforce the sweeping changes to the franchise we all want to see.
  2. Sounds quite Scandell-ous
  3. A few days late, but I couldn't help but think of Rick when I heard this earlier in the day
  4. God, it'll be such a kick in the family jewels if Tanev gets shipped out and Edler stays.

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    2. Ghostsof1915


      It's not a matter of value, his inconsistency, and gaffes far outweigh any positives. I don't wish him ill will. He's in a position where he's relied on as a top d-man, and clearly can't handle the pressure or the minutes.

    3. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      We should trade Edler to Team Sweden. He plays good there. I think Karlsson would be a fair return. He has zero games played with Sweden this year. Sweden doesn't need him.

    4. Down by the River

      Down by the River

      Alex Edler was fine until the last 20 games of the season when he appeared to simply give up/got tired, whatever. 


      The Canucks have to rebuild somehow, and I think you get more for Tanev than Edler. You also can't trade them both or things turn into Edmonto circa 2009-2015.

  5. So I bought "Go Go Nippon!" during the anime Steam sale...Yeah, I also wonder what I'm even doing with my life Basically, you're a foreigner around age 20 who's staying over in Japan for a week, and you're crashing with Makoto and Akira, two online friends who happen to be brothers near your age . When you're finally greeted at the airport, it turns out that they're two cute sisters instead. Keep in mind that the setup for this game sounds ridiculous, a week to build a budding romance with Makoto or Akira seems way too short, it's got some run-of-the-mill rom-com anime tropes (a few of which are NSFW) and the protagonist makes me cringe every 10-15 minutes with his weaboo dialogue. However, this game was way more informative about Japan that I was expecting. For every location, there are lots of interesting facts and stories about the culture and day-to-day life, plenty of which I'll find useful when I finally take a vacation to Japan. Also, you can direct the story by choosing where you want to explore in Japan at the start of each day, as each girl will be your tour guide for specific locations. Decisions about what to do at each location will also affect your relationship with whichever girl you're with at the time. Finally, the story is pretty interesting thanks to Makoto and Akira being endearing characters with relatable struggles. I've only played through the game once with full focus on Akira so far, but I expect good things with a full Makoto focus and everything in-between. Granted, this is my first time buying a dating sim, but it's a great purchase, although buying at a mild discount is recommended.
  6. Irreversible, Fallen, and The Human Stain all come to mind However, I think Nicolas Cage speaks for us all here Nicolas Cage loses his ****
  7. I'm really iffy about commenting on stuff like this, but in this case, no rape or pedophilia content should have been part of the jokes he told that night. I'm not offended by humour like that and can even appreciate it when it's crafted carefully (see Dave Chappelle's Bill Cosby jokes on "The Age of Spin"), but this is the kind of stuff you save for your own stand-up performances, where R-rated jokes are fair game because the audience is expecting it and will laugh because they know how absurd joke logic is when applied to real life. The Junos are for a PG-13 audience at its raunchiest, so of course the audience was shocked. I still like Russell, but he needs to be more aware of what content to use at what time.
  8. Hopefully one of the guys watches YouTube and is subbed to Mikey Chen. That guy has a lot to say about Chinese cuisine Last thing we need is players on the shelf because they ate plastic rice Also...
  9. An anime based on Anne of Green Gables? I will have to give this a try.
  10. So who else is at the Rugby 7s tournament?

  11. Man, it feels like ever since the trade deadline, the team has finally been unshackled and allowed to play hockey the way the rest of the league is playing.
  12. Just a reminder that I'm hosting a game of Cards Against Humanity for CDC.

    We'll push the game to 6 pm PST, on the "falcon with a box on its head" server.

    The game will be labelled with my CDC username so it's easy to find, and the password will be Canucks.

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    2. Neil HD

      Neil HD

      Something like that, but imagine that the fish is a foul-mouthed bigot that tries its hardest to offend everyone around it.

    3. Alflives


      Oh...I see.  It's a game of Hearts, and the nasty queen of spades is a guy down south who wears a dead possum on his head.  :lol:

    4. The Weasel

      The Weasel

      wait, the fish is trump?

  13. Anybody feel like playing some Cards Against Humanity before the game against Philly?

    I'll create a game by no later than 5:30 pm PST, on the "falcon with a box on its head" server.

    The game will be labelled with my CDC username so it's easy to find, and the password will be Canucks.

    I'm planning to limit the game to 12 players, so make sure you arrive quickly

    1. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      If the games not full when my podcast ends I'll be there >__>

    2. Neil HD

      Neil HD

      Think you could bring a few friends? I thought this would be more popular, but nobody's biting so far

  14. I'm watching the Super Bowl mainly because of Michael Vick's Players Tribune article.


    I have a huge problem with the guy stating that his "rock bottom" moment wasn't the dog-fighting conviction. Instead, it was calling the Falcons for his QB job back (as if it was even fair to expect them to do that), only to be told about Matt Ryan being drafted.


    To me, that's self-centered and egotistical to the point of psychopathy, and I doubt he would have stopped if he wasn't caught. It casts a shadow over the pro-animal welfare actions he taken in the years since his prison term.


    As an animal owner myself, I just can't forgive his actions, and I would be glad to see Matt Ryan and the Falcons win it all just so Vick becomes a footnote in the team's history.

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    2. ReggieBush


      I understand where you are coming from, and I condone Michael or his actions. However, as a football fan, I am telling you Michael Vick will never be a footnote in Falcons history. He was, in his prime, the most dynamic player in football bar none. Think Bure when he broke into the league.

    3. Joe_Kerr


      Now imagine if Bure viciously murdered alot of dogs.... I hate Vick and I think its ridiculous that hes even aloud back into the NFL

    4. Neil HD

      Neil HD

      Well, ****. Maybe next year

  15. Please send help. I'm way too addicted to Kitchen Nightmares.

    1. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      i could binge watch that show for life xD

    2. Phil_314


      Someone send Ramsay in for an intervention!